I’ve always been a fan of full coverage foundations. If you look at any previous posts I made, where I either briefly mention, or ramble on through the entire post about any foundation at all, it’s always medium-full coverage. My combination skin doesn’t always need such strong coverage, and on the days that it doesn’t, I apply literally a dot and can comfortably cover my face with that. But when hell breaks loose and my skin wants to teach me a lesson, I am very grateful for full coverage base.

I am lucky enough to have found my holy grail product that I always go back to and know that I can rely on regardless if my skin looks good or not so much, regardless if it’s cold or very humid and regardless if I have an hour (when do I ever…) or five minutes to do my makeup. Have a look at my May favourites post to find out which foundation I’m taking about. This post is dedicated to one I’ve been trying out lately and after a few weeks of using it, I can give you my opinion on it.
 Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Full Coverage Foundation Concentrate

Whenever I test any foundation, I want to make sure that it’s subjected to every daily situation in my life. That means it’s not good enough that it performed well while I comfortably sat on the sofa with a book, sipping cup of tea. It has to stand the test of 8 hours in the office, air conditioning, humidity of underground, wind, rain, pollution and all those things that we face (no pun intended) on a daily basis. If it’s supposed to be full coverage and long wearing, then I expect it to do well.

I can’t help but compare every foundation to my holy grail, it’s difficult not to, especially that some of them put out those bold claims of being long wearing and then slide down my face few hours later. Not this one though. I was obviously drawn to this Marc Jacobs foundation by the same promise of full coverage and long wear. I read some comments (good and bad) and was further intrigued. I think this is one that you really need to try for yourself to truly understand how seriously full coverage this is.

Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able foundation
I made a fatal mistake of overestimating its formula and applying waaaayyyy too much at first time. When they say you literally need the tiniest drop, they seriously mean it. It took me a few attempts to adjust the amount to have it just right. I’ve never had a foundation before when I needed this little product, even on my ‘good skin day’ I’d usually use a bit more of my regular base. This is a mighty, powerful product and it covers like nothing I have ever tried before. I was seriously amazed first time I tried it, at how even it made my skin look and how perfectly it covered.

It comes with an application wand (there’s no pump) that you take out of the bottle and either dab the product directly on your face, or, like me, on the back of your hand first. The bottle is really pretty, glass, oval shape with black cap. Very sleek and small enough to carry on the go if needed (you won’t need it…). It contains 22ml of product, which is considerably less than all other standard sizes of 30ml, however, considering that I only need a fraction of what I usually use, it will probably last me for much longer than any other 30ml bottle would. Although quite pricey, at £37, it still gives a very good value for money in my opinion.

Marc Jacobs Remarcable foundation base
I use my Marc Jacobs Foundation III brush, have been for a while now, and it blends the product into my skin beautifully. Any dense foundation brush will do great. I wasn’t a fan of Beauty Bender application here, I personally think the consistency is too thick for a sponge. It literally give me a clean canvas, everything is covered and I mean Everything. It doesn’t accentuate my pores, in fact it does quite a good job at making them look smaller, it hides all imperfections and discolouration. I often get some dry patches right after applying foundation, even though my face is always moisturised. This also happens to do that, it brings small dry patches out on the surface of my face, which isn’t a deal breaker for me, just an observation. Although it’s a thick, heavy formula, it blends surprisingly quick and seamless.

It wears without touching up for about 5 hours (far from 24hr…) on a warmer day, during which I do get some shine to my t-zone, but it’s not the oily look that I so despite, rather healthy sheen I can definitely live with, in fact, I quite like actually. After that time I feel the need to blot my face a bit. Quite a considerable amount of foundation come off during blotting, but it doesn’t uncover any imperfections, everything stays nicely covered. It’s just not very transfer resistant and easy to smudge some on the collar of the shirt or light top, but then again, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a foundation that doesn’t transfer (EL Double Wear does the best job at that) so I can definitely live with it.

Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation swatch

This was just a tiny dab on my hand!!!Also, yes it look much darker on my skin, but it matches me perfectly when I use fake tan.

Although my skin has been playing up a bit lately, this foundation definitely didn’t make me break out or make my existing breakouts worse, so despite its thick consistency, my skin is accepting it nicely. Perhaps if I fell asleep with it on, it wouldn’t be as understanding and it could cause a little havoc on my face the next day. I am always very careful to ensure I remove my makeup at night, so that’s not an option.

If you’re a fan of tinted moisturisers, BB creams and generally light coverage products, steer clear of this one, it’s definitely not for you. If you like long wearing, serious coverage bases, then you really want to give this one a try. Just remember, less is more. It’s very easy to over apply and make it look heavy. Also, adding some bronzer and blush on top is kind of really a must with this one, because the face looks very one- dimentional and needs some colour infusion, otherwise it can look a bit deadly. There is 19 shades to choose from, I use shade 32 Beige Light. This is a really good foundation in my opinion, with very serious pigmentation and coverage and it definitely needs a very light hand.