Water bottles have become an accessory in its own right recently, with all celebrities walking around holding not just a plastic bottle of Evian any more, but something more fashionable, fancy, cute and still nevertheless practical. I think if there is any trend worth following out there, this would most definitely be one of them. I won’t be talking about the very obvious benefits of drinking sufficient water intake daily, I’m sure you know what they are.

I really like drinking water and luckily, it comes very easily to me. Having said that, I can often get distracted, occupied with day to day activities and then realise that I drank hardly any liquid that day. So I decided to get a water bottle that would always remind me to fuel up with the healthy stuff.

bk. water bottle review

I had no idea there is so many of them to choose from,  I haven’t bought one in a while. I did know, however, what I was looking for and that was a glass bottle that would still be relatively light and have some protection against breaking for someone as clumsy as I am. I did use Bobble some time ago, which is a plastic bottle that includes filter, so you can fill it up with tap water and it filters it to a more drinkable level. It was very portable and great for on the go, but it was the water taste that I had issue with. For some reason I didn’t quite like it. I’m not sure if it was the plastic or the filter not doing good enough job, but I wasn’t enjoying my water at the time.

So I decided to buy one of BKR water bottles, and while I was doing my research as to the size, colour, durability, practicality and everything else combined, only then did I realise how famous BKR brand and their water bottles were. I’ve never heard of the brand before, so it was interesting to read a bit about their ethos, how they came about, what they believe it and where the different colour designs originated from. You can read more about the brand as well as the bottles Here

bk. water bottle 500ml
Although I do work out on regular basis, I do all my workouts at home and so it’s not hugely important to me for my water bottle to be very light. I do carry it on my way home from work, as commuting in hot underground and train always makes me very thirsty, and I don’t find this one too heavy at all. I decided to get 500ml, as it seemed like the best size for me. They come in 250ml, 500ml and 1ltr, so you can pick the one that suits you most, depending on how big of a water drinker you are. I was honestly very tempted to get 250ml, it just looked soo darn cute and I thought I’d be perfect amount of water to get me home from work, but generally I’d end up having to fill it up too many times during the day, so I opted for 500ml.

Now, before I even sat down to write this post, I thought I may not be able to report on how durable it is, since I wasn’t planning on purposely dropping it on the pavement to test it…but hey, what do you know… I did… twice so far and counting! Happy to report it didn’t even budge. Nothing happened, no chips, no marks. The protective silicone sleeve does a great job and makes it almost unbreakable. Although the colour of the sleeve I chose is quite light and can get a bit dirty, especially if you tend to drop it on the ground…, it also cleans very easily and always looks like new. Word of warning though: if you’re planning to fill it up with water and then drop it on your foot while wearing sandals…please don’t….Just trust me on this one…

bk. water bottle with plastic cap

The plastic cap holds very well. I was quite worried reading reviews about it leaking into someone’s handbag, but I haven’t had any issues with that. Just make sure it’s properly closed and it will not leak for sure. I carry it in my handbag all the time, not always in a standing position, and it never leaked a single drop. It keeps the bottle very tightly closed and the ring on top of the cap makes it very easy and convenient to carry. I can often hang in on my finger while holding my phone or handbag in the same hand if needed, so I think it’s very cleverly designed.

The bottle opening is quite small, more narrow that average plastic 500ml water bottle, so depending on your water cooler or dispenser, you may end up spilling a bit, but all the water machines I’ve used so far allowed me to fill it up easily without wasting any water or spilling it all over the bottle. Even if that happens, it’s really not that big of a deal, it’s only a bit of water after all.

bk. water bottle with silicone sleeve

All BKR bottles as well as plastic sleeves are dishwasher safe, so you can just take off the sleeve and place both parts in your dishwasher for a bit of a refresh every now and then. I don’t own a dishwasher (and it makes me want to point out here that I AM a dishwasher in my house) so I need to give it a good wash in my sink. Again, very easy. I put a bit of hot water inside and give it a good shake once in a while to get rid of any germs and what not, and about once every week or two I give it a good wash. I use those very thin bottle washers that you can get on Amazon for couple of quid and it does the job.

I mentioned all the practical things but haven’t yet talked about one that really drew me to it at first place. The look of it. I looked at many glass water bottles and some just looked too masculine or too sporty or had no holder other than having to hold the entire bottle in my hand. By ‘too sporty’ I mean those that fit people who spend most of their day wearing gym wear or otherwise relaxed form of clothing, not so much typical office wear, if that makes sense… I just found the design of these BKR bottles very subtle, classic, not too techy and one that would look great both in the gym, as well as my office desk and would look good both with my jeans as well my formal workwear. I also seems to be a bit of a conversation piece when taken to the boardroom for a meeting and placed on the table amongst all the coffee mugs…

bkr glass water bottle 500ml

All things aside, ever since I got it, it certainly helped me remember to drink water regularly. I drink up to three full bottles at work, some on the way back home and some more by the time I go to bed, so I feel very well hydrated on a daily basis. Whatever is it, whether the way it looks, catching my eye every time and making me fill it up when it’s empty, or perhaps the sheer novelty of it. Drinking water can feel a bit boring sometimes, so the more enticing you water bottle looks, helping you drink more, the better for your body. The 500ml capacity costs £25, which may seem a lot for a water bottle, but unless you buy in bulk, every small bottle bought on the go costs about £1.20 and you want to drink at least 3 x 500ml, so you do the maths. Since it’s glass, the water tastes lovely and fresh and seriously can you even put the price on well hydrated body?

bkr water bottle 500ml review

I loooove this little guy (although mine being pink/coral looks more like a girl) and I’m very pleased with it. It’s a perfect size and fits into most of my handbags. If I decide to wear a small bag, it’s still comfortable to carry around with me, held by the handle. The bottle looks so elegant and is so convenient to carry, not to mention all the lovely colours of the sleeves to choose from…In fact I love it so much that I may be tempted to get one of 250ml as well.