Makeup removers are one of those type of products I am usually very wary of. Basic as they are, I never have a problem investing a bit more to ensure it works the way I need it to. My eyes aren’t really over sensitive and can handle a lot in general, but wrong products used only once can cause serious irritation and discomfort for days afterwards. That’s probably main reason why I’ve been using one and the same makeup remover for however many year and never felt like switching.

If you’ve read my blog, I’m pretty sure you’ve come across me talking about Clinique ‘Take the day off’ balm and oil, and if not, check out my blog post Here to read more about them. These, especially the balm, have been my ‘go to’ products for many years and they work like a dream. It’s only recently that I started experimenting with different brands and while online shopping at Sephora one day, I decided to see for myself what the fuss about this product is all about.

I absolutely love the packaging of this one. Much more than my beloved Clinique balm, but then again, they’re different textures, so I can’t really compare. Boscia Makeup breakup cool cleansing oil comes in a very light, plastic and very portable bottle, easy to travel with and keep the product hygienic at all times due to the pump dispenser. The bottle has a light green colour but the product is colourless.

I did a lot of research on this product and read a lot of reviews just to make sure I won’t regret this purchase. It’s not about the cost, but it’s all about how my eyes could potentially react to it. I haven’t found a single review mentioning any irritation or other side effects. It’s also free of artificial scent (i.e. perfume), which all sounded great to me.

Boscia Makeup remover oil review

Although I have come across and used products that had a light scent and were still safe and fine for me to use on my eyes, in general, if the makeup remover smells too perfumey, I wouldn’t go for it. That’s definitely not the type of  product I judge in terms of scent. You can read about high end one I recently tried Here, that despite its high quality and well known brand name was so strongly scented, that it literally burned my eyes the minute I used it.

Fortunately, Boscia makeup breakup cool cleansing oil turned out to be very gentle yet extremely effective at removing entire eye and face makeup. I take about two pumps of product on my dry hands and massage it for a second, at which point it turns white. Then I gently apply it on my eyes and face, reapplying if needed. It’s so effective and removes everything so well, that hardly any pressure is required, just very gentle movements, which eliminates the need for harsh rubbing, tugging and pretty much just unnecessarily poking my eyes.

Boscia Makeup Breakup Cool cleansing oil

I’d say on a daily basis I wear a considerable amount of makeup. It’s still work/office appropriate, so not an awful lot, but it’s far from a ‘no makeup makup’ situation. I always have some eyeshadow concoction, eyeliner (or two…) , mascara, full coverage foundation, bronzer, blush, highlighter and all that good stuff. It sounds like a lot but it really is daytime appropriate, I promise. Boscia makeup remover has no problem with melting it all off my eyes and face at the end of the day and most importantly, it’s doing it in a gentle way. It takes every little bit off and leaves no residue, so my face feels clean and soft. I can then go ahead with my cleanser and Clarisonic to make sure that my face is super clean. Although I don’t personally use waterproof mascara, so can’t comment on this, I heard it removes these very easily too.

I haven’t really noticed it minimising my pores while using it, but honestly, I don’t expect my makeup remover to do such magic. It’s only on my face for a minute or so and all I need it to do is remove my makeup, giving me a good first clean, not making my eyes itchy and not leaving greasy residue after it’s all washed off. It does it all perfectly. It also comes in smaller, travel friendly, and ridiculously cute 50ml bottle, which is great for throwing into the gym bag or packing on holiday.

I really like this product and will definitely be stocking up next time I buy from Sephora. It’s a shame that it’s not more widely available for us in UK. Then again, Sephora makes it really simple and quick to place orders from UK, custom charges are always included, and it gets delivered within about 4 working days, so it’s really convenient. I often place order once I have few items in my basket, so it makes it worth the process . This one is definitely on my list and next time I order, I’ll make sure I have some backup.