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Hair Detanglers Review

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Ever since I remember, I have always had short hair, as I found it easier to maintain and felt much comfortable with my ears covered.

Over the past year or so, I started really enjoying having my hair a bit longer (it is now about couple of inches pass the shoulder length) and having an option of putting it in a messy bun, or just a simple, sleek pony tail. But with longer hair comes the real struggle of brushing it…

Living Proof No Frizz Leave-in Conditioner

Living Proof No Frizz Leave-in Conditioner

I have never tried any products from Living Proof, the price tags would always put me off. Let’s face it, they are not the most budget friendly shampoos and conditioners,  especially if you wash you hair very often.

However, I have always been somewhat intrigued by the brand, curious and perhaps a little bit hopeful that if I tried it, my hair would finally look more like Jennifer Aniston’s and a bit less that Edward Scissorhand’s… Do you picture him? Good…

Kiehl's Dark Spot Solution Applicator

Kiehl’s Cleary Corrective Dark Spot Solution

This is one of those skincare items that very strongly divided the YouTube and blogging community, with some people finding it completely pointless, to others calling it the best thing since sliced bread!!

It claims to ‘visibly improve skin clarity, appearance of dark spots, discolouration and hyper pigmentation, containing vitamin C, white birch and peony extracts’…

Tory Burch Tote Bag

Tory Burch York Buckle Tote

I have always been a large handbag kind of gal. I know the bigger the bag the more stuff we end up carrying in it, but that is just the way it is. I don’t like restricting myself to bare necessities and like to know that I’m ready to take on whatever the day throws at me.

If I have to grab a laptop, my planner (speaking of planners, there will be a review of my most recent, very exciting purchase coming soon… just saying), gym clothing, paperwork, lunch or just a little bit more makeup if I am getting ready for a night out, I want it all to fit into my handbag with some room to spare.

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