Kate Spade planner 2016

Kate Spade 17-Month Agenda – Stylish planning

I have been on a hunt for a functional, well made annual planner for a while now and knowing I would be using it for over a year, I also wanted it to look pretty, but not too over the top so I wouldn’t get bored of it halfway through the year.

I am a firm believer in ‘To-Do’ lists, and make them all the time, both at work and in personal life. There is just something really satisfying in being able to tick off job done and move on to the next task. Not to mention, it keeps me on track of what needs doing and, however weird it may sound, it kind of gives me a push to do what I set myself to do. Not for the mere tick of the box, but the satisfaction that comes with completing a task, however big or small it may be.

Delilah cosmetics review

Delilah Cosmetics – A brand worth exploring – review and swatches

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In todays’ world of so many cosmetic, makeup and skincare brands already firmly established on the market it is difficult to launch a new offering and compete with the ‘big guns’.
We are extremely spoiled with choices and it is safe to say, that there is probably no colour, shade, tone, formula or texture that has not been offered yet.

Delilah was created by three friends, professionals with passion for cosmetics who became ‘inspired by an abundance of quintessentially English influences’ and who saw an apparent lack of boutique British brands as their niche to create something unique.

Anastasia Beverly Hills World Traveller

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Shadow Couture World Traveller Eyeshadow Palette

Anndd breathe!!!

Anastasia has recently launched yet another eyeshadow palette and it became available on the UK market about three or so weeks ago. It was out of stock faster than you could repeat the whole name of it….

So it probably makes you wonder why am I making a review of a product that is no longer in stock? I want you to know if it’s worth waiting for when it becomes available again, because it is coming back and it’s a limited edition.

I have been an owner of two Anastasia palettes for a while now so when I saw this one, it was a given for me, I had to have it. I love the colours and I am already familiar with the eyeshadow quality that Anastasia has to offer, so it was an easy choice.

Make Up Eraser

MakeUp Eraser – A Revolution in MakeUp Removal?

I have seen some reviews of this little pink cloth here and there but for some reason it felt a bit meeehhh and I wasn’t really convinced it could be something I would be comfortable using. It just didn’t speak to me enough, if I can put it this way. Also, having already found my holy grail makeup remover, I found it very unlikely that this ‘invention’ could in any way shape or form replace a tried and tested product.

Fast forward few months, while browsing a website looking at some pretty makeup I do not yet own (as some of us makeup addicts inevitably do…) I came across this again. I thought, why not try, if I don’t like it, the least I can do is write about it. So I am. Except, I actually happen to like it…a lot.

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