Guerlain Terracotta Jolie Teint powder

Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Powder – review and swatches

The general rule of thumb when it comes to buying makeup is that there are brands out there that you just simply cannot go wrong with. They will vary from one person to another, it all depends on what we like and what kind of makeup we’re into, but the quality is always there and we know that it’s always money well spent. For me, one of those brands is definitely Guerlain. I tried a number of items from the brand, from eyeshadows to bronzers to mascaras, and they’ve all been totally amazing.

The problem with the true and trusted brands is that sometimes we don’t think twice about making another purchase regardless whether we actually need it or not. After all, ‘it’s Guerlain, it’s quality and I cannot go wrong with another powder, blush, bronzer, or whatever it may be, from the brand that never disappoints.

Nars 'One Shocking Moment' Cheek palette

NARS ‘One Shocking Moment’ Cheek Studio Palette review and swatches

Earlier this year I promised myself that I will not be tempted by any of the holiday palettes and I will certainly not buy any, since the ones I got last year have definitely not been receiving as much love and attention as they should have. So I ‘dusted off’ my Too Faced Everything Nice Palette and placed Nars ‘Blame it on Nars’ check palette in a ‘strategic’ place, meaning right in front of me, so no excuses.

Everything was going well until I decided to, you know, just casually pop into Space NK. To pick up a candle. A girl needs a candle in her life for crying out loud…right?…Funny how the candle turned out to be the Last thing I actually turned towards during my visit. I’m surprised I even remembered the darned thing at all. This palette was just impossible to miss, (definitely strategically placed…can I even blame it on that?…) and it was staring right at me the minute I walked in. I think it’s safe to say that if you are a true makeup enthusiast, then your dictionary doesn’t contain words or phrases like ‘enough’, ‘restrain’, self control’, or ‘you still only have one face!’…Any regrets? Absolutely Not, and here’s why.

Makeup brushes, favourites face edition

My favourite makeup brushes and one disappointment – face edition

There has been plenty of posts on my blog so far about makeup products from blushes, to bronzers, to foundations, to eye shadows etc, but other than a random mention here or there, I haven’t yet shared with you all of my favourite makeup brushes. When using any makeup product, it’s sometimes easy to say it either works or it doesn’t, but we often tend to forget, that sometimes it could blend like a dream or apply beautifully if only we changed the brush…or application technique.

Makeup brushes are normally designed to be used for certain products, like a shadow blending brush, a blush brush, a bronzer brush, a contour and so on. I get it, and for the most part, I use them for what they’re meant to be used. Sometimes though I really could not care less if something is meant to be used for application of foundation, if it works for me to apply, say, a bronzer, then so be it.

Kiko Midnight Siren collection bronzer and highlighter

Kiko Midnight Siren collection-bronzer and highlight review and swatches

I have been looking to try some Kiko products for quite some time now, since I don’t own any yet and heard nothing but good things about the brand. I did get some lip glosses which I love and, me being me, decided to go for the bronzer (go figure…) and highlighter from their relatively new Midnight Siren collection.

It almost feels like whenever I try to explore a new (to me) cosmetic brand, I have to start with their bronzer as if it was the most important item in the entire makeup collection. It’s not, but it certainly is one of the most difficult ones to get right in my opinion. Not too powdery, not too dark, not too orange etc. It all matters when choosing a bronzer, so I wanted to put the one from Kiko to the test.

October Favourites makeup and fashion

October Favourites – everything I’ve been loving last moth

One of my favourite You Tube video types to watch and Blog posts to read are monthly favourites. Other than doing detailed reviews of specific products, It’s such a great way to also mention other items, be it makeup, skincare or anything else for that matter, that stood out for me and may not necessarily be featured in a separate blog post.

So, I thought I would share my monthly faves and duds with you and tell you what I have been enjoying and what has not been so great and why. This will be absolutely anything, so expect to see some mix of fashion items, some food, skincare, music, places and of course a fair share of makeup. I am hoping that, by more of this kind of posts, you will get to know me a bit better and what I like in all aspects of life, not only makeup related.

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