Delilah Aurora Illiminating powder

Delilah Pure Light Illuminating Powder review and swatches

There is no secret about my love for Delilah products. I did a bunch of reviews in the past covering their lipstick, bronzer, blush, primer etc, all of which I’m loving, so this little gem got me really excited. I love me some good highlight and this was one of the products that immediately landed in my shopping bag, no second thoughts.

And I’m glad I wasn’t uuumming and oohing about it for too long, like I sometimes do, as it turns out it’s already sold out!!!!  But the good news is, it is coming back in February next year, so there will be a chance to grab one if this is something you want to add to your collection. So with this in mind, I though I’d still go ahead with the review.

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette review and swatches

I hope you all had an amazing, peaceful, warm and cozy time spent with your families and close ones, drifting in and out of food coma, surrounded by all the presents you would have already opened by now. I thought I’d post today about this palette since a lot of you seemed really interested in it and it’s limited edition, so I didn’t want it to get out of stock before this post comes out.

I honestly needed another palette like a hole in a head, but when I saw the shades, I had to get it. I just had to…It looked so appealing to me with majority of very wearable, beautiful nudes, some dark shades to smoke it up a notch and some pops of colour. I really like Urban Decay shadows, so I knew they will be high quality. Not to mention, this is a collaboration with beautiful Gwen Stefani, whose work I really admire and grew up listening to No Doubt first and then her solo albums, so it has a bit of a sentimental factor for me. What a great excuse to but another eyeshadow palette!!!… Anyway…Let’s get into it.

Autumn / winter essentials

My winter ‘Must Haves’ – skincare and fashion

After my recent closet clearout and getting rid of some items that I forgot I had, I thought it would be a great time to do a spot of shopping and get some new essentials for winter. As much as we all transition from light to a bit heavier makeup and quite often more potent perfumes during colder weather, these are not exactly the ‘essentials’ that I have in mind.

After all, I would be able to survive the cold weather without an eyeshadow (well, just about…or would I?…) but take away my hot water bottle, or my cosy scarf and I’m lost. For me, essential item is one that I just simply cannot get away without, that is a Must, either in my skincare, wardrobe, or just everyday life. 

Clinique cream liner

Clinique Brush-On cream liner and tips on fast and fool proof application

When it comes to eyeliners there is one word that comes to mind for someone who has not quite mastered the perfect application yet – intimidating. I totally agree with whoever said that eyeliners can sense your fear. Damn right they can! Shaking hand obviously doesn’t help. What I end up with when I’m short of time, is skipping it altogether, because quite frankly, I would much rather have just a mascara on than a wobbly and less than attractive line on my lid that looks like I had one too many…

I have gone through a fair share of liners, different types and consistencies. Most of them ended up drying out before I had a chance to use it all up. I am certainly not the person who can grab any liner and have a perfectly lined eyes within less than two minutes. In fact about 10 minutes is probably just about right. That’s way too long when I do my makeup at 5 am and have very little time to make myself look half decent. But this is the liner I trust every day and the way I apply it takes seconds… literally.

Charlotte Tilbury 'Filmstar on the go'

Charlotte Tilbury ‘Filmstar on the go’ palettes review & swatches

Charlotte Tilbury is, by far, one of my most favourite makeup brands. I am totally in awe of the woman behind it all. Charismatic, enthusiastic, inspirational, full of passion and extremely dedicated. Watching her apply her products reminds me of how life changing makeup can actually be. It’s not just about ‘slapping it’ on the face, it’s about the enjoyment the application of makeup gives and how much more confident it can make us all feel when we wear it.

I’ve used a lot of her products, all of which are absolutely amazing, top quality and totally worth investing in. But sometimes, when you come across a makeup product, even though you know it’s a luxury and you love the brand, you just cannot help but think it’s way overpriced for what it is. I may be totally makeup obsessed but I’d like to think there is just a bit of common sense left in my head to know what’s truly worth the money…Unless of course price is not an issue, but in my case, it is…

November favourites 2015

November favourites – what I’ve been loving last month

November was mainly concentrated around my skincare regimen, because my skin apparently decided to give me a bit of grief since it’s been too good to me for months… I can’t live for too long without an occasional breakout, life would be way too boring…so I had plenty of it last month and still getting rid of the remnants.

There has been some other items too, that definitely stood out for me last month and that I have been using pretty much on a daily basis.  Some of them relatively new, others oldies but goodies. So with this very random mixture of products, let’s go through everything I’ve been loving in November… better later than never, right?…

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