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My Blog Xmas Giveaway!!! – Now Closed, winner announced below

Season’s Greatings!!! No, not yet, but this is not going to stop me from posting it way before Christmas. Because December is a magic time. It’s a time of giving and receiving as well as having and sharing. And through this having and giving and sharing and receiving… by now you’re probably thinking I’ve gone mad… I’m not gonna go on (although I could) but if you are a devoted ‘Friends’ fan like me, then you’ll get this. If not, then the joke is on me…

Anyway, it’s time to give and what a better gift than some body care and makeup goodies. So here is my little Christmas giveaway. I have already done one on my Instagram recently (which is now closed) but though I’d also share some goodies with those who don’t follow me there, although you totally should..just saying…So here are the details.

Louboutin lipsticks sheer voile

Christian Louboutin lipsticks – review and swatches

When I first saw pictures of these lipsticks on Instagram, I didn’t even know what they were and would never have said that they were lipsticks had I not seen some of them open or swatched. They are brought to us by the very same Christian Louboutin who makes THE shoes with red soles. I guess the world of makeup has grown so much in popularity over the years with the help of youtubers and instagrammers, that all a well known brand needs to do (even one that has nothing to do with makeup originally) is release an item of makeup to benefit from their already established position and get a share of the ever growing market.

I have to say, I have come across an expensive makeup before but this one, once you find out the price tag, you just simply cannot help but scream ‘Holy Crap… How Much!!??’ So did I. And right after that I decided that I will not spend that kind of money on a fancy looking lipstick just because… it’s fancy looking. I mean, we’re talking a bunch of regular (and still good quality) lipsticks or two equally fancy and high end Tom Ford lippies which are also very expensive. However, I have been gifted two of these (by my partner, not the brand), so I can come at you with this review. Louboutin lipsticks come in three different finishes, silky satin, velvet matte and sheer voile. I have both of the colours in a sheer formula.

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