January 2016 favourites

January 2016 favourites!!!

So it’s that time again, I really feel like I have just done my December faves and it makes me think that this year is going to literally fly by again!!! It’s a bit scary, but at the same time, I am excited to see what happens and how/if my plans, my goals become reality. This year is going to be a bit different for me, mainly because I am changing jobs, which I haven’t done for the past 10 years, so a bit of a milestone.

Anyway, getting back into the favourites, I feel like I have a pretty good mix of various products that I’ve been loving and using the most of last month. Also, I want to add something different at the end of the post, which is part of the monthly faves, but I haven’t done before, so let me know how you like it. Let’s get into it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stencils

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Brow Stencils

I am rubbish when it comes to shaping my brows and sometimes cannot make them look exact same if my life depended on it. If you’re lucky enough to have your brows in perfect shape, then this post is probably not for you. I am certainly not that person. I guess I lack imagination at drawing this perfect line and achieving ideal shape. I know how everyone seems to be against the ‘Instagram brows’, looking fake and overdrawn, but I actually think they (well, some of them anyway) look really neat and pretty.

Yes I know you can have them professionally threaded and I had in the past too, but each time I was not completely happy with the result…Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. Or maybe the professional looks at my brows thinking ‘woooah what the hell do you expect me to do with this? …’ Have I sparked your interest? No, it’s really not That bad!! I came across something that is simple, straightforward and really helps me a lot.

Evening skincare, Sunday Riley, Alpha H, Clinique, Bioderma and others

My current evening skincare routine

We all have our own skincare routine, a selection of products that we like to use to take off the day and get ready to rest and unwind. For me, some of them rotate and constantly change, others are definitely there to stay. I think evening skincare routine is much more important than morning one, since we’re  getting rid of all the dirt, pollution and makeup and applying some products that will be doing their job while we drift away into deep sleep.

There is also nothing more satisfying that making sure my face is clean, makeup free and treated with some good skincare. So I thought I’d start with my current evening routine, moving on to the morning one at some later time. Again, some products are ‘must-haves’ that I repurchase time and time again, others change as I go along.

2015 beauty discoveries

2015 best beauty discoveries

Since it’s still January, I feel like it’s still somewhat acceptable to talk about anything last year related. I decided not to do post about All my favourite products of 2015, because we would be here for hours and nobody has time for that!

There has been a lot of makeup and skincare products that I have been thoroughly enjoying last year and will definitely continue using this year. They were some oldies but goodies as well as some new discoveries, products that I decided to try and fell completely in love with. I want to share some of those gems with you today.

timeless classic pieces in makeup and fashion

Timeless classics – makeup and fashion

I guess the word ‘classic’ can mean different things to different people. What’s considered classic and timeless by me, may not necessarily be that to you. But there are items both in our makeup collection as well as our wardrobes that most of us would consider timeless classic because they never age and don’t depend on changing fashion trends. They have been and will always be trendy and classy.

Mainly because of that, if there is any item worth splurging on, it’s one of the classic pieces that you know will last in your wardrobe for years to come, will always look chic, effortless and fashionable and goes perfectly with majority of items you normally wear. I am by no means a fashion expert, but I love simple, easy, classic looks, so here are some of my timeless classics of fashion and makeup.

REN Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial

REN Wake Wonderful night-time facial

Majority of my blog posts have been makeup related lately and there haven’t been as much skincare. The main reason is not because I’m not using any (I have a crap tone of it and I love testing new products) but because I think to review any skincare product I need to try and test it for much longer than makeup. I wouldn’t rush with the review here and personally, not sure if I’d trust a review that was formed after a very short time of using a product (depending on the product) but that may just be me.

Another reason is that very rarely do I come across skincare item that seriously impresses me and makes visible and noticeable difference to my skin. Even some products that are raved about by others sometimes tend to be just ok on me, nothing to write home about. I also haven’t come across anything (so far) that would cause some serious damage, breakout, allergic reaction or whatnot, to be able to warn you against using it. I know we all have different skin and it’s very personal how skincare performs on us, but I don’t feel I need to do a post about something that it just…meh. This product though, is definitely Not meh…Far from it!

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