And here it is! The year is over and it’s time for the last monthly favourites of 2015! I am very excited to see what 2016 brings and I always try to approach new year with a positive and can-do attitude. Two years ago exactly on New Year’s Eve I decided to quit smoking and haven’t smoked since. Last year was all about working out and slowly getting by body back into shape, which is ongoing and I will definitely carry on. Christmas season was an exception and I did overindulge a bit, but that’s ok, now it’s back to normal. One step at a time.

What’s that to do with monthly favourites you ask? Well, December for me is always time to reflect a bit. What I achieved last year, am I happy with where I am, what I want to achieve and where I’d like to get next year. I’m not really good with the list of new year’s resolutions, because most of the time life has other ideas and then I get frustrated for not accomplishing it, so I just don’t bother for the most part. But I do carefully think about some achievable goals that I am able to accomplish. Some may require a lot of work, others less, but that’s ok, nothing comes easy. So this was my first December favourite, reflecting and making decisions, breaking down big goals into small, manageable chunks so I can hit the ground running come January.  Other than that….