I hope you all had an amazing, peaceful, warm and cozy time spent with your families and close ones, drifting in and out of food coma, surrounded by all the presents you would have already opened by now. I thought I’d post today about this palette since a lot of you seemed really interested in it and it’s limited edition, so I didn’t want it to get out of stock before this post comes out.

I honestly needed another palette like a hole in a head, but when I saw the shades, I had to get it. I just had to…It looked so appealing to me with majority of very wearable, beautiful nudes, some dark shades to smoke it up a notch and some pops of colour. I really like Urban Decay shadows, so I knew they will be high quality. Not to mention, this is a collaboration with beautiful Gwen Stefani, whose work I really admire and grew up listening to No Doubt first and then her solo albums, so it has a bit of a sentimental factor for me. What a great excuse to but another eyeshadow palette!!!… Anyway…Let’s get into it.

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette review
The packaging is very different to any previous Urban Decay releases, but that’s because everything, from shades to the actual palette was designed by Gwen Stefani. She added her personal touch to it and she could not have done it any better. The palette has almost rustic, antique look, with metal engraved plaque at the front and gold edges. It’s a bit chunky, not the slimmest of palettes, but it almost goes with the whole design, adding to the overall look. There is no brush included in this one, which I personally really like since I hardly use them anyway. There is a full size mirror inside with words ‘Magic’s in the Makeup’ written in the corner, which is one of No Doubt’s songs, so really nice and very appropriate touch there.

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette shwatches
There is 15 shades in total, out of which 12 are brand new, never released by UD before and created with Gwen to reflect the shades that she always wished she had. So don’t worry about duplicating shadows if you already own the entire Naked family…(that sounds a bit weird but you know what I mean…). The first time I swatched them, I noticed how velvety soft they all are. The pigmentation, even of the lightest shades is amazing. They swatched beautifully and apply just as good on the lids. Blending is very quick and effortless, so this will be one of those palettes I will be reaching for when I’m pressed for time, since they don’t require much work to apply or blend. The colour selection is totally spot on, exactly what I’m looking for in a palette.

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow palette swatches
The formulas range between matte, shimmer and satin. Shades ‘Anaheim’ and ‘Zone’ are both matte and perfect for giving some definition to the crease. ‘Punk’ and ‘Serious’ are great for more smoky look. I like to use either of them right in the crease, to make it ever more defined. ‘Blackout’ is a good old , multipurpose black. The pops of colour have been selected really well and go perfectly with the rest of the shades. ‘Harajuku’ and ‘’1987’ can be used all over the lid or just as an addition, and ‘Danger’ either as an eyeliner to replace the black, or added to the lower lash line to give the look some more colour. The possibilities are endless. The only one I wasn’t too crazy about was ‘Pop’. The colour is very pretty, but I found this one to be a bit too chalky. Definitely not one I would use to cover my eyelid as a main shadow, but it’s an iridescent sparkle finish, so it works well when layered on top of another light shade to add a bit of sparkle to the look.

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette swatches
The palette comes with some samples of four lipstick shades, also created and hand picked by Gwen Stefani. The lipsticks will be available in full size, so it gives you a good idea which one to go for if you would like another piece from the collection. There are three formulas, matte, cream and sheer and the colours are very much Gwen. It’s very easy to imagine her wearing and totally rocking them all. I really like ‘Ex-Girlfriend’, since I prefer nude shades for the most part, but ‘Firebird’, a vibrant fuchsia, looks really gorgeous too.

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette
Overall, I think this palette is an excellent buy and probably one of those I would have regretted missing out on had I not picked it up. I love the look of it, the colour selection, the quality, everything. What’s not to like?? It’s packed full of really beautiful, high quality Must-have shades. The packaging is different and very edgy and I think Gwen & Urban Decay could not have done it any better. Nothing negative to say or report. It retails at £40, which is average for all UD palettes and it’s available at Selfridges, House of Fraser, Sephora, Urban Decay.