Since it’s still January, I feel like it’s still somewhat acceptable to talk about anything last year related. I decided not to do post about All my favourite products of 2015, because we would be here for hours and nobody has time for that!

There has been a lot of makeup and skincare products that I have been thoroughly enjoying last year and will definitely continue using this year. They were some oldies but goodies as well as some new discoveries, products that I decided to try and fell completely in love with. I want to share some of those gems with you today.

Mitchum deodorant

Mitchum deodorant/antiperspirant

Starting with a necessity rather than a luxury, but probably more important that a lipstick and bronzer put together. After all, who cares if makeup is on fleek if the smell from our underarms is… well.. not so much. I’m not an overly sweaty beast, I’d probably say average, normal, unless I’m working out, in which case I’m sweaty like a pig. I try to be, anyway, because they say if you don’t finish your workout sweaty, that means you’re not putting enough effort into it, but I digress. This antiperspirant is amazing for both normal work days as well as some gym action. It provides long lasting protection against excessive sweating and smelly armpits and I totally trust it 100% Very highly recommend if you’re on a hunt for a good one. Available here, at £4.99

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Mascara

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes mascara

Last year was about discovering Charlotte Tilbury’s products and I have to say, so far, other than the ‘Filmstar on the go’ palettes, which failed to make lasting impression on me, I have been absolutely obsessed with everything else I’ve tried. Some products have already gained ‘ go-to, ‘will be using until I die’ status. One of them is Full Fat Lashes mascara. Oh, it doesn’t get any better than this when mascara is concerned. I love everything about it, the shape of the brush, the formula is not too watery, the lengthening effect, the curl it gives and lashes are always perfectly separated and never glued together, which to me is very important. Perfection in a tube. Available at Selfridges or Charlotte Tilbury at £22

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

I don’t want to make it a Charlotte Tilbury themed post (although I totally could…) but this one deserves a quick mention. It’s not easy to come across a really good foundation, so I was very excited about this one and it really didn’t disappoint. Probably the biggest release from the brand last year, 4 years in the making, the Magic Foundation has already earned the status of one of The best foundations out there. I love it too, it’s extremely lightweight even when layered. It looks very natural and hardly creases on me, which is amazing, considering that it’s not designed purely for oily skin. It provides medium to full coverage and contains vitamin C, which has not been used in foundation before. I did a blog post on it (here) back in September and nothing has changed since, it’s still in my top 3. Available at Charlotte Tilbury or Selfridges at £29.50

Laura Mercier Cream contour palette

Laura Mercier cream contour palette

Last year for me was all about venturing into cream products for contouring and highlighting. I have an obsession with bronzers and do have some cream products already, but this palette made me look at contouring from a different perspective. I always thought that contouring, especially with cream products takes some special time and skill, but this palette is so easy to use. It looks very natural, blends beautifully and is a pleasure to use. I will be doing a separate post very soon on how I like to use it and brushes I use with it. It’s available at Space NK, or Feelunique at £35

Sunday Riley Luna

Sunday Riley 'Luna'

I have been trying out some new skincare products last year, with mixed results. Some products definitely stood out for me and Sunday Riley’s ‘Luna’ is one of them. It’s the nigh-time facial oil, which sinks into my skin, leaving it soft, moisturised, not greasy and it honestly works miracles after longer use. Sometimes you can see if the products works once you stop using it for a while. You suddenly realise that the skin is missing something and doesn’t look as good. I put it away for about two weeks and quickly noticed the difference, so got right back into it. I seriously cannot be without it!! It evens out my skin tone and makes me look healthy and radiant.  The price is eye-watering, I know, but I got the bottle early last year and have so far gone through a third, if that, using it about 4 times per week, about 3-4 drops per use. It will last forever and a day! For some reason, when it comes to such expensive purchases, I feel like I can totally justify it for the benefit of good skin. Available at Space NK at £85

Smith & Cult nailpolish

Smith & Cult nail polish

The nail polish discovery of 2015, hands down (no pun intended) goes to Smith & Cult. I got a couple of colours earlier in a year, initially drawn by the look of the bottles, to be honest. I thought they looked very cute with silver, bent caps. The formula is really amazing! It lasts for the entire week for me, with none or just a slight chip here or there, which is great! The brush is on larger side, and makes it very comfortable to coat the nail in three easy strokes. It dries fast and the colour selection is beautiful. I have ‘Bitter Buddhist’, the dirty green one, and ‘Fauntleroy‘, the lilac, but this year I will definitely be extending the collection by at least few more, including my beloved red, which I can never get enough of. Available at Selfridges,  Space NK or Net-a-porter  at £19 Read my full post on it Here

Makeup Eraser

Makeup Eraser

Last, but not least is something I was the most sceptical about until I tried it. Being a faithful fan of my Clinique makeup remover products, I wasn’t too convinced about the idea of using a cloth to remove my makeup. I still love Clinique removers, nothing has changed, but Makeup Eraser is really great too. It has already proven to be very handy on many occasions during the long working week, and it’s the convenience of not having to be around my sink and have water running that completely sold it for me. I can sit on the sofa, removing my makeup while watching Netflix and don’t have to worry about falling asleep with it on. It doesn’t replace washing my face, I still always go ahead with that too, but it’s really handy and fun to use. I have done a blog post about it here, if you want to read in more details. Also, they now come in black and blue. Available at Selfridges, Beauty Bay, Amazon at £17. Full post is here if you fancy more info on this one.

There is probably many more I could include here, but these are ones that come to mind first. I’m excited to see what this year brings and what other makeup and skincare beauties I can discover. Do let me know what products stood out for you over the last year and what you’d recommend, be it skincare, makeup or anything else beauty related.