Just as I was looking for a nice new highlighter, these became available in UK and I was not going to miss the chance of trying them knowing how sought after they are and how fast they will be gone. As much as we, in UK, do have some access to Anastasia’s products, probably the best ones are still available only in America, so as much as I was staring at Instagram photos, I wasn’t really having much hope of ever seeing these highlighters in person, but courtesy of Cult Beauty (Thank you!!!!) here they are!!

When you get the choice of four shades and you just so happen to like all of them, it can easily get out of hand and you end up with all 4 boxes delivered in the mail, preferably for next day delivery, as you just cannot wait any longer, right? No? Just me then. So I decided to be wise-er (on this occasion) and limit myself to two. One just simply wouldn’t do it, but two seemed like a fair medium.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminators in So Hollywood and Riviera

Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminators Highlighters

I quickly eliminated ‘Starlight’, as I thought it’s just a bit too light and frosty for me, I much prefer my highlight to have some slight colour. ‘So Hollywood’ was therefore an obvious choice. Both ‘Riviera’ and ‘Peach Nectar’ are absolutely stunning and I struggled to choose between the two, with my eyeballs jumping from left side of the screen to the right, eventually settling on ‘Riviera’. Just by a hair, though. Or being slightly boss eyed by that point…

When I looked at both shades in person, I thought I will probably use Riviera every now and again, as it just looked a bit dark for a highlight. I would say it looked more like a blush topper. It definitely is the darkest shade of all highlighters I own. As it turns out, this is the one shade that hasn’t quite left my cheeks ever since I started using it. It is so very beautiful!! It gives just a light, soft colour to the cheeks, although swatched heavily on my hand it does look much darker. Applied with a light hand, it can still look more on a subtle side, although I think all of them pack quite a punch and are not exactly a ‘barely there’, very natural highlights.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminators New products

Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighters in So Hollywood and Riviera

‘So Hollywood’ is probably a safer choice, and as I type this, together with ‘Starlight’ it is already out of stock, which just goes to show that most people prefer the ‘usual’ white or yellow shade of highlighter. I can totally relate, but since trying out ‘Riviera’, I changed my mind. The intensity is the same on both of them, with an added bonus of either a soft pink in ‘Riviera’ or gentle peach in ‘Peach Nectar’. These two shades are not just for darker skin tones. Don’t be put off by the colour, if you are still thinking of getting one, try one of these two, if you can no longer get your hands on the other, lighter shades. They really are beautiful and I’m sure Peach Nectar is just as pretty… I will stick to my ‘wise’ limit and refrain from getting it though… I think…

What’s great about these highlights, is that they are very nicely pigmented and look absolutely beautiful also used as eyeshadows. Not all highlights can be used that way, depending on density and texture, but these are perfect for that too. I use a flat eyeshadow brush to pack the colour on the lid and they both look gorgeous and vibrant, adding a beautiful sheen. All you need is some darker shade on the crease, some mascara and you’re good to go.

Anastasia Beverly Hills So Hollywood and Riviera swatches

Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminators comparison swatches

This above swatch pic hopefully gives a better idea of how they compare with some other known highlighters out there. I would say in terms of highlight intensity, they are just a hair softer than Becca and Mary LouManiser, but much more intensive than Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight. In terms of colour, they are, by far, more pigmented than the others. ‘Riviera’ can certainly be used as a blush topper on lighter complexions, same will probably go for ‘Peach Nectar’, but on a light-medium skin tone, it will give a gorgeous highlight.

Anastasia Beverly Hills products very rarely disappoint, and these are just as good. Giving a beautiful, healthy sheen, whether it’s on top of cheekbones, browbone or on eyelids. The formula is not powdery or chalky at all and lasting power is pretty good too. I’m very pleased with the two I picked and will be using them a lot. I guess I’m trying to come up with good excuse here. Does it justify the purchase of Peach Nectar? Can’t hear you…. did you say ‘Yes’???

The two remaining shades of ‘Riviera’ and ‘Peach Nectar’ as still available on Cult Beauty. Otherwise, you can enjoy the entire collection on Anastasia website