Today’s post was meant to be a completely different one and I wasn’t really prepared to do a haul, especially my very first clothing haul, as I haven’t done one on my blog yet. But I recently ordered few things from ASOS and got it all delivered today, so I thought I may as well snap some pics as I’m trying it on and perhaps give you some idea if you’re up for a spot of online shopping (who isn’t??!)

My style has always been very simple. I like to buy items I can wear in many different ways and match with many different things, layer it, making it casual or more formal, depending on occasion. So most of my wardrobe consists of simple tops, jeans and black skinny trousers, jackets (loads of jackets!!) and plenty of blouses of a different kind. Anything I wear on a daily basis must be comfortable and that is a priority. So have a look at my recent picks and I hope you don’t mind some weird face expressions…

Oh and before we get right into it, I really wanted to post this today, because I notice many items on ASOS sell out super fast, especially on sale. So I thought if this is supposed to be helpful in any way shape or form, then it’s pretty much now or never. Hence the ‘selfie’ type photos, as it was me, myself and I in da house today, so it is what it is.

So first up, I grabbed this colour block shirt dress from River Island. This was one of those things that I knew I wanted the minute I saw it. I absolutely love the colour combination of black, dusty rose pink and light grey. The length is perfect, not too short not too long for me (I’m 5ft3 for reference). It can be tied at the front to make it a bit more fitted at the waist, or tied at the back to make it more loose and relaxed fit.

ASOS haul River Island block shirt dress

I’ll wear it with thicker thighs for now, as it’s still quite cold. It goes great with ankle boots, as I’m wearing here, knee high boots or simple flat pumps when the weather gets warm. To make it more of an evening outfit and glam it up a notch, throw in some high heel sandals. I also paired it with my leather jacket and my mini Hepburn Bag from Aspinal of London. It’s such a versatile item and very comfortable. I went for size 10 and it’s perfect.

ASOS haul River Island shirt dress in size 10

Next up, I grabbed this very lightweight stripe t-shirt from Free People. I loved the colours on it and thought I could wear it with simple trousers and a jacket. I was hoping for it to be just a hair thicker fabric. It looked like it may be on the photo, but it’s quite thin. Then again, it will be perfect for layering now, during colder weather and wearing on its own in summer, so it’s probably for the better. I paired it with Levi’s bootcut jeans, which I also just got from ASOS and same boots as before. Because of the thin fabric, this top can be rather unforgiving, especially if you feel like you have some inches to loose around the waist (a bit like I in progress…!!) but that’s not going to stop me from wearing it! I got it in size 10.

ASOS haul Free People t-shirt

This jumper grabbed my attention for two reasons. One, the eye catching ombre design which I absolutely love!!! And two, the fact it was on sale! Pretty pricey otherwise, so I’m pleased I could still grab a bargain. It is so comfortable and neutral enough to be worn in many different ways. I paired it here with heel boots to give it more of a formal look. It goes great with jeans as well as skinny trousers ranging from black, grey to white colours and it will also look really cute thrown in with biker skirt and booties too.
ASOS haul Vintage Havana jumper

It has splits on both sides, which gives it more of a boohoo look. I personally wouldn’t wear it on its own as it’s a bit see through, and the splits are pretty high on the sides, so I prefer to wear it with a tank top underneath. Not to mention, this isn’t a jumper that will keep you warm, but it’s perfect when layered. I also really like it worn with my Adidas Superstars or any other sport footwear give it more relaxed feel. The jumper is from Vintage Havana and I’m wearing it in size S

ASOS haul Vintage Havana jumper

I wanted to grab another warm sweatshirt to wear around the house as well as for running errands, so I chose this one from ASOS own brand with ‘Don’t Sweat It’ printed on it. It’s extremely comfortable and very soft. Although warm enough (even for me, and I’m always cold) it’s not too heavy or chunky, so perfect for running around or lounging on the sofa on a lazy day. It’s available here, and I got it in size 10.

ASOS haul ASOS jumper

No shopping is complete for me until I get at least one blouse. Admittedly, I have a crap tone of them but there never seems to be enough apparently, so there you go. I was a good girl (yeah right!!) and picked up just one this time. It’s simple black with V neck, long sleeves, lightweight chiffon, no brainer. Goes with absolutely everything and is very comfy which is exactly what I like. It’s available here and I’m wearing size 10.

ASOS haul ASOS V neck blouse

The black booties I’ve been wearing in all above photos are from River Island. I wanted to get ankle boots with slight heel (but not cowboy type heel), so that they are comfortable enough to be worn on a daily basis with jeans and skirts. These are super comfy. They’re made of suede and have elastic side panels, which makes it very easy to slip on.  They’re available Here and come very true to size.

ASOS haul River Island ankle boots

I didn’t get any accessories this time, apart from these spiked hair bands which I thought were super cute. I always need hair bands, we all do. However many I have, they all seem to vanish into thin air, never to be seen again!!! I got a set of 2 in black, but I think I may be back for some more. They also have them in cream and to be honest I wish I got these too. I love how they made a simple and otherwise boring hairband a bit more edgy and creative.

ASOS haul Hair bands spiked

That’s all folks. I don’t buy clothes all that often and usually do my very best to keep my wardrobe small and not overflowing with stuff I don’t wear. So there may be some closet clear out happening at some stage soon, especially when I start to transition from winter to spring/summer clothing. Anyway, I hope this was relatively informative. The links to ASOS items are within the text as well as down below including links to everything else I’m wearing here.

River Island Colour Block dress

Free People Donna’s Layering Stripe T-Shirt 

Vintage Havana Ombre Striped Jumper

ASOS Boyfriend Sweat With Don’t Sweat it Print

ASOS V neck Blouse

River Island Black heeled western boots 

Levis 715 Mid Rise Bootcut Jeans

ASOS pack of 2 Spike Hair Bands

Adidas Originals Superstar floral-print leather sneakers

Harrods of London Cashmere-Silk Pashmina Scarf Brown

Aspinal of London mini Hepburn Bag

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Monogram Canvas