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Empties – products I used up + mini reviews


This post is way overdue and I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to post another empties. This is probably one of my favourite type of posts to write, as I feel that I can definitely give my opinion based on actually finishing the entire product. For the most part, anyway. Some of these have been repurchased a number of times, but I won’t be repeating them over the next posts, as it makes no sense.

I try so many skincare and makeup products that I want to let you know about the new ones, not repeat what you many have already read before. I’m not quite sure how this happened, but as I type this, I already have enough empty containers to make probably about five or more of these posts. I’ve been very careful not to but anything I don’t need lately, and so I’ve been using my backups of backups, as you do, to make sure I don’t waste anything. Not only has it been very satisfying to finish some products, but I also found some real gems in my stash that I cannot wait to tell you about in the upcoming posts.

May Favourites

May Favourites

I really don’t want to become one of those people stating the obvious every month, but I seriously cannot believe it’s already June!!! It’s unbelievable how time flies!!! It’s been a very busy month for me but definitely in a good way. I managed to settle a bit more in my new job and dare I say it… I really quite enjoy it. New place, new people, new challenges, slight change of lifestyle is exactly what I needed.

I never really thought I’d have time to grab a coffee and some breakfast and sit down in a coffee shop before work, relax, think and motivate myself for the day ahead (while still being the very first person in the office, by the way…) Little things and completely irrelevant to some people, but to me, they make my day and set the right tone from the early morning. This is definitely my first favourite of the past month and many months ahead I hope. Those ‘moments’ during the day that allow me to slow down, put my thoughts together and start with positive attitude.

Empty product review St.Tropez, Sanctuary Spa, Balea, The Body Shop, Sisley, Clinique and Bourjois

Empties – products I used up and mini reviews

I know I’ve just literally posted my first Empties not that long ago and it may look like I’ll be doing one blog post a month about products I’ve used up, but that’s not quite the case. Ever since I cleaned up my space and got rid of some out of date items (surprisingly, there were’t that many), I really wanted to ensure I used up everything I have open and in rotation before I go ahead using another product.

I love trying new skincare and body care items, just as much as I enjoy trying new makeup and for the most part, I’m really good with finishing products. I use a heck of everything I have, be it moisturiser, body lotion, face masks and what not. That’s really the only way to check if something works or not, just by using it regularly. So here’s a second ‘Empties’ post containing some products I used up.

New scents from Byredo 'Rose of no man's land', Diptyque 'Do Son', Maison Martin Margiela 'Beach Walk'

Perfect spring / summer scents, new addi(c)tions

I mentioned on Instagram that I’ve been on a cleaning and organising kick recently. Every corner of my flat got wiped out of rubbish and ‘just in case’ kind of items that I seem to have been holding on to.. just in case…as I’m sure we all do. I haven’t made a massive clearout in my makeup, apart from a bunch of lipsticks, but my skin and body care, as well as perfumes collection got significantly smaller.

I realised that I own at least 4 scent that I’ve not been using for a pretty long time, so decided to give it to women in my life who may appreciate them more than me. Which is great because now I’m only left with perfumes that I truly love and feel amazing when I wear them. I don’t want to talk about my entire scent collection here, but I want to mention three most recent additions, very special scents, all of which I am totally smitten with and think they’re really unique and special.

Diptyque Rosa Viola candle

Diptyque ‘Rosa Viola’ candle

I’ve always been a massive candle lover, to the point that I have a candle or two burning at home on a daily basis. I just really enjoy the ambience, warmth, coziness, relaxing atmosphere and not to mention very often an amazing scent that candles give. You just simply can’t go wrong with a candle if you want to ‘elevate your mood’, unwind and relax surrounded by beautiful and sophisticated scent.

There is a lot of brands that make beautiful candles and Diptyque is just one of them. Their candles are such a treat and I don’t burn them every day, I wish I could, but let’s face it, they’re very luxurious, quite potent and therefore really expensive. I find that they last for such a long time that I can justify the expense and treat myself once in a while. My favourites are Violette, Baies, Mimosa and now Rosa Viola…

Autumn / winter perfumes

Autumn / winter perfume selection, which scents I’ve been loving this season

It’s getting really cold out there, it’s darker, the leaves are falling and this hot morning coffee on the way to work isn’t just a caffeine shot anymore, but a pretty good hand warmer that I tend to hold on to for dear life…And as I’m typing this, I have a large blanket wrapped around me, cup of hot tea and I’m hugging a hot water bottle…Yes, I Am That Cold. That’s when you know it’s time to put all short sleeves and light clothing away in favour of chunky scarves, winter jackets and some cute booties. Same goes for makeup and perfume.

It’s a great time to replace light, summery makeup with something more substantial, heavier, autumnal and darker in colour. So all coppery, burgundy, dark brown eyeshadows are making a comeback in my makeup collection and it’s the best time to finally make use of all those dark, plummy, oxblood, or other darker lipsticks that have been patiently waiting for their time to come. But today I want to tell you about my perfume selection and how I transition from summer scents to much more potent autumn / winter perfumes, as well as which ones are my favourite for this coming season.

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