I’ve been reading books ever since I remember. My first ever book I read was ‘Anne of Green Gables’ and I literally inhaled the entire collection of what must have been twelve or more books. I was probably about ten years old. Nowadays it’s a bit harder to find time to properly sit down with cup of tea and good book and just relax and unwind that way. So reading has become a part of my everyday commute to and from work. Time goes much quicker and what would often be a frustrating and tiring commute turns into a bit of an enjoyable ‘me time’ instead.

In today’s world of ebooks, ITunes and Audible, I still think there is nothing better that the good old paperback. There’s just something really calming and almost old fashioned in turning book pages. Having said all that, I currently own just a handful of books. Most of them are on my IPhone, for two reasons. Because I have no space in the flat to store them and because it’s just simply more convenient when reading on the go. Today’s technology allows us to always be able to find time to read (or to listen for that matter). Whether we’re driving (that’s when Audible comes in handy), cleaning the house or just commuting. So I thought I’d share some books I’d recommend, in case you’re in need of a new one.