Whenever I want to try a new lip product, or any other makeup product for that matter, I always chose the safe option of a nude, natural shade. That’s because I know I’m more likely to use it on every day basis. I test the ground and then either explore further or not so much, depending on initial thoughts.

It was exactly the same case here, with this new Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque liquid lipstick. I had a few of the Rouge Edition Velvet some time ago and I really liked them, so seeing this one is meant to be better for dry lips, which is definitely for me, and more on a hydrating side, I though this is going to be a winner.

The collection consist of 8 shades, ranging from very neutral, every day colours, to bolder, darker, statement shades. The formula contains Nymphaea extract which provides moisturising and hydrating properties. It claims to last 10 hours both in terms of colour and hydration and there is no need to use a lip liner, as the formula doesn’t feather on the lips. It also provides a mirror-like, intense shine. Ok, here’s what I think.

I bought two light shades initially, as always, just to be on the safe side. The first two I tested were 01-‘Apprêchissant’ and 02-‘Rosé on the rocks’. Both beautiful, very wearable, every day shades, so I didn’t think twice about adding them to me everyday makeup bag. As much as I enjoyed these shades, I really could not enjoy them for too long, as they just seemed to somewhat ‘disappear’ from my lips much faster than I would have liked… There was just hardly any colour left, as if my lips soaked the product in…

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque lipstick

But I wasn’t going to give up that quickly and went ahead to order the three more bolder shades in the selection, which included 03 – ‘Brun’croyable’, 04 – ‘Viens si tu roses’ and 05 – ‘Red my lips’. I have to say, after testing all of them, I much more prefer darker shades of this lipstick, which is rather unheard of in my case, as I am normally a nude lipstick lover all the way, every day. These three darker tones actually stayed on my lips for a reasonable (still not quite 10hrs) period of time. Although 04 and 05 would not be my usual choice, I though they wore beautifully and soon after application faded into more wearable, slightly lighter shade.

In general, the application is not the most pleasant for me, to be honest. It feels much more watery than I expected it to be. I know, the clue is in the name, fair enough, but still, it’s not something that I personally enjoyed too much. Also, the consistency is rather thin, with it being more of a watery texture, and I feel like I needed to apply at least two thin layers to make the colour more opaque and not too patchy. The lighter shades failed to retain hardly any opacity or colour for that matter, whereas the darker ones held up pretty well.

bOURJOIS rOUGE edition Aqua laque

Although the initial application may not be too pleasant, the ‘watery’ feeling on the lips goes away very quickly and leaves my lips feeling very hydrated and moisturised, but not sticky at all. It just feels like a hydrating lipstick, which I really liked. I agree with the product not requiring a lip liner, although that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put one on if you want to, as the applicator is very easy to use for precise lining and I did not notice any major feathering during the day. Having said that, I would not apply this lipstick without a mirror, so you may want to grab a little, portable one, if you want to reapply it on the go.

I was really back and forth with these lipsticks for some time. I pretty much pushed the lighter shades on the side, as they were not doing much for me anyway, and surprisingly have been rocking the bolder tones more. The truth is, when these dark shades set on the lips, they slowly fade into something much more wearable that I thought. Even the initially vibrant red of ‘Red my lips’ fades to very acceptable and not too ‘in your face’ shade of red, that can easily be used on a daily basis. I was quite surprised how much I liked these darker tones for a change, as believe you me, I am not much of a red lipstick wearer in general.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque liquid lipstick swatches

One thing to note, when you apply these, as they are still ‘fresh’ and before they set, be aware that they do transfer onto your teeth… So bear this in mind, especially if you choose to wear darker shades and smile a lot (which by the way, you totally should do!!!). Just saying…

Some pros, some cons here as you can see. In my opinion, I would really recommend you try the darker shades. Seriously, you will be surprised how wearable they really are and you do get much more wear out of them, as they last much longer and still retain a lovely colour as they slowly fade, as opposed to the light shades, which quickly fade into…pretty much nothing. At least on my lips…The product is very comfortable to wear and will be great for anyone with dry lips, even if you don’t apply any lip balm underneath, your lips will feel soft and moisturised.

The products retails at £8.99 and is available at BootsFeelUnique,