Charlotte Tilbury is, by far, one of my most favourite makeup brands. I am totally in awe of the woman behind it all. Charismatic, enthusiastic, inspirational, full of passion and extremely dedicated. Watching her apply her products reminds me of how life changing makeup can actually be. It’s not just about ‘slapping it’ on the face, it’s about the enjoyment the application of makeup gives and how much more confident it can make us all feel when we wear it.

I’ve used a lot of her products, all of which are absolutely amazing, top quality and totally worth investing in. But sometimes, when you come across a makeup product, even though you know it’s a luxury and you love the brand, you just cannot help but think it’s way overpriced for what it is. I may be totally makeup obsessed but I’d like to think there is just a bit of common sense left in my head to know what’s truly worth the money…Unless of course price is not an issue, but in my case, it is…

I’ve seen these palettes so many times when looking at other CT products, but although I though they looked really appealing, I just could not help but think they are really overpriced for what they are. It’s only when there was an offer on CT website of two for the price of one, I decided to take the plunge and give it a go. Had it not been for this pretty generous sale, I would never have bought them. However pretty the compact and the colours may be, it’s still just one cream shadow and one lip tint and not very much of either in the compact.
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar on the go palettes

The selection of colours is really pretty and very well paired. I have ‘Rebel without a cause’ (on the right) and ‘The spy who loved me’ (on the left). There is total of five palettes to choose from, each containing one cream eye shadow and one lip tint that can also be used as a cream blush. I personally don’t like anything that is a lipstick formula to be used on my cheeks, so for me it’s just or the lips. The whole idea is of course the ability to be able to use it ‘on the go’ and it’s best suited for someone who doesn’t have time to do a full face of makeup but still wants to look put together.  The concept is great and these little mirrored compacts are very handy, easy to carry in the smallest of makeup bags or even in the pocket, for when you need a bit of a refresh and a quick touch-up.

Charlotte Tilbury 'Filmstar on the go'

The eye shadows are buildable, with a metallic, iridescent sheen which looks really pretty and gives this fresh, almost ‘no makeup makeup’ look. When applied without any primer, I found them creasing quite a lot. Although it’s a cream formula, so potentially prone to creasing a bit more than powder, it just creased way too quick for my liking. When used with a primer, it seemed to hold a whole lot better and lasted for a reasonable time, but still not as long as ‘Eyes to mesmerise’ cream shadows (also from CT line). So if your eyelids are at least a bit oily, I suggest using a primer before.

The lip tint is quite nice, easy to blend with finger, colours are really pretty. I didn’t find it to be hydrating or moisturising, so for dry lips like mine, I still had to use a lip balm underneath or top it up with a more creamy lipstick. That’s fine, I have no problem with that, although it slightly defeats the purpose and goes to show that I couldn’t use the two products in the compact and leave it at that. It may be the fact that the formula is made for both lips as well as cheeks so it can’t be as moisturising on the lips as I would have liked.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar on the go 'The spy who loved me'

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar on the go 'The spy who loved me' swatches

Because they’re designed to be applied quickly, no fuss, no brushes involved, both eyeshadow and lipstick/blush can be applied just by blending it with fingers. I did try applying the shadow with a flat eyeshadow brush, but it didn’t give me the same colour intensity as applied with finger and I felt it’s quite difficult to pick up a decent amount of product with the brush… It really does make it a very effortless and quick product which I am sure a lot of busy people will appreciate, especially when running errands and constantly being on the go.

All things considered, I still cannot help but think that £42 per little compact is waaaay too pricy. It may be that you pay for the convenience and simplicity of being able to carry it and use it easily, that’s fine, but if that’s the case, then I would much rather spend this money on one of CT full size lipsticks (which I love!) and one of her amazing ‘Eyes to mesmerise’ cream shadows, if cream is your preference.  It would only cost £3 more for two full size products.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar on the go 'Rebel without a cause' palette

Charlotte Tilbury 'Filmstar on the go' Rebel without a cause swatches

Frankly, if I can find a space in my handbag for the compact, I’m pretty sure I can also fit a lipstick bullet and a small cream shadow just as well…and have two amazing products that I wound not even think twice about spending my money on!… For comparison, the entire ‘Filmstar on the go palette’ contains 0.07 oz of product (both shadow and lip tint) while a single ‘Eyes to mesmerise’ shadow alone contains 0.24 oz…. Food for thought.

What do you think about them? Have you tried any of the palettes? Did you like them? Perhaps it became a staple in your makeup routine? I would really like to hear your thoughts.

Filmstar on the go palettes cost £42 and are available at Selfridges, Net-a-Porter, Charlotte Tilbury