If you had a magic foundation an could wave a wand over your face to create a perfect skin, what would you want that magic foundation to do? Asks Charlotte Tilbury while applying her new Magic product on the skin of various women, all with different skin concerns such as cystic acne, redness, birthmarks, fine lines, hyper pigmentation, large pores, to name a few. I must admit, the results, on all of these are very impressive. 

I know we can all relate, more or less, as we all have something we would like to wave the magic wand over and make it go away. In my case, it would be fairly large pores, discolouration and hyper pigmentation, some occasional breakouts, some fine lines and oily t-zone. I cannot tell you that this foundation is magic for all skin concerns, as luckily, I do not suffer from all of them, but I can definitely tell you how it performed for me. 

If you read any of my previous reviews of other CT products, or if you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I am a massive fan of the brand and a woman behind it. They way she talks about all of her products, including this foundation, is with such a passion and excitement, that you can really tell she is very proud of her new achievement. This passion of hers is almost infectious. After all, it took five years for her to create this Magic ‘potion’ and let’s be honest, it has really high claims for a makeup item.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation review

Let’s very briefly talk about the packaging first. It’s a glass bottle with a large rose gold cap and a pump , so it’s easy and hygienic to use the product. The bottle is very pretty and definitely one to put on top of your vanity table or makeup area to add a bit of a rose gold glamour. I found that the full pump dispenses way more product than I really need to cover my entire face, so I always squeeze half a pump and then add a bit if I need more. I guess it depends on what you need to cover and how much of the product you need to use, but it’s better to add it gradually.

The consistency is quite thick, not runny at all, so I was very pleasantly surprised at how extremely light it felt when I first applied it on my face. It really does feel weightless, more like a cream than a foundation. Even with two thin layers, it still felt very airy and lightweight. I’ve never had a foundation that is made for medium to full coverage, with such a thick consistency and that still makes me feel like I’m wearing a cream. I do have a holy grail full coverage foundation that I’ve been using for years, but I can definitely feel it on my face, whereas this one really is something else… Amazing!! If you don’t like to feel makeup on your face, you will really like this.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation new

The ‘magic’ part of this product is its formula, containing laricyl, a concentrated mushroom extract that is responsible for tightening pores, firming skin while providing a high level of moisture, hyaluronic acid, for smoothing and firming wrinkles, as well as vitamin C, which has never been used in a foundation before and is supposed to help reduce the appearance of age spots and acne over time and with constant use. I haven’t been using this product long enough to confirm or deny any of these claims, but I do like the idea of my makeup supposedly doing something beneficial for my skin, rather than just serving as…makeup.

The coverage is fantastic and definitely medium to full. I often use two very thin layers when applying most foundations, but here, I can easily get away with one layer, and just build it up as and when I need more coverage. It’s very easy to work with, doesn’t set too quickly, doesn’t get patchy at all. I found the application very quick and effortless. Although it’s not specifically made for oily skin (it’s suitable for all skin types) the finish is semi matte giving just the right amount of healthy glow to the skin, without it being too mattifying (yes, there is such thing as too matte, even for those with oily to combo skin…) Because of its moisturising properties, it doesn’t accentuate any dry patches, in fact, it almost covers them to a degree.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation swatch shade 4

The lasting power on my combo skin is very good, very decent, but not THE best. I always use a bit of setting power on top, and I am used to having to either powder again or just blot my face through out the day. This foundation didn’t prevent the oils from coming out and I did have to mattify my face couple of times during the day. It wasn’t extremely oily, and I could have skipped it altogether, but I guess it’s more of a habit for me. Having said that, it doesn’t claim to keep the skin matte all day, what it claims to do is to minimise oil production after about 9 weeks of use…Now, as much as I can review it based on the usual foundation properties, I cannot yet say anything about a long terms effects of any skincare benefits it claims to have, but I will be closely watching it work (and hoping it does…)

Overall, for a foundation suitable for all skin types, and not specifically for oily skin, I am very impressed with how it performed so far. The coverage is beautiful, it covered my pores, discolouration and breakouts, requiring little help from concealer, only in some places. The weightless feeling it gives is pretty amazing too. It comes in 15 shades, covering cool tones and warm tones, so very good selection. I chose shade 4 which matches me perfectly (MAC NC20-25). So, is it Magic? It depends what Magic means to you and what your magic skin wish is. For me, it did what I need foundation to do and it did it impressively well. Is it going to replace my Holy Grail foundation? No, it’s not. But it comes very close to it and definitely earned itself a place in my Top 3 most favourite. Honestly, give it a go, it really is worth it xxx

It retails at RRP £29.50 for a standard 30ml bottle and is available at Selfridges, Charlotte Tilbury, Net-a-porter, John Lewis,