This must have been, by far, the most exciting and highly anticipated makeup collection of this year so far. Some faithful Charlotte Tilbury fans, myself included, were ready to click these ‘Buy’ buttons as soon as the collection became available early June this year…

So let’s talk packaging, shall we? Yes I know, that is not why you’re supposed to buy makeup, but in this case, hell yeah it is!! This is a piece of history, iconic images that come from Norman Parkinson’s archive and were featured on the cover of Vogue back in the 70s.

Charlotte Tilbury describes it as ‘mini pieces of art you will be proud to use in public’. I am proud to use any CT makeup piece in public for that matter, but these little gems truly are pieces of art.

It it the most unique idea to introduce actual vintage images on the cover of makeup items.

I am sure, I don’t even have to ask, that large number of people bought a piece (or entire collection!) just by being sucked in by this amazing packaging. And you know what, if it is you, I don’t blame you.  But let’s talk for a minute about what’s inside.

I decided to get the cream blush and highlighter as well as the smaller of makeup bags with the iconic picture of Jerry Hall (yep, purely based on that, I have more makeup bags than I will ever need..).

Colour of Youth Blush - Charlotte Tilbury

The cream blush ‘The Colour of youth’ is a perfect peachy pink combination and is meant to give a  ‘healthy, happy lip and cheek glow’. I absolutely love the colour but have only so far tried it as a blush and honestly, I don’t think I will use it on my lips, but I’m sure some people will appreciate a multitasking, ‘no fuss’ side of this product. On the cheeks though, it gives the most natural flush of colour. It is one of those colours that will make you look like you are naturally blushing and you haven’t tried too hard but still look put together.

I find it is very build able and will suit those of paler completions as well as those who have more of a tan going on. Not too sure how it would perform on darker complexions, but if you can comment on it, let us know in comment section below.

The general rule is that you should not apply cream product on top of powder. I, however, have done that with this blush a number of times, applying it on my already powdered cheeks, and it applied and looked just as perfect.

Colour of Youth Cream Blush - Charlotte Tilbury

I only needed to dip my brush once and it almost covered both my cheeks (for reference, I am NC20-25 in MAC language). I tend to use a stippling brush with all cream blushes as I find it easier to blend seamlessly.

The longevity is really good for a cream product. I have oily/combo skin so always use setting powder anyway. I got to try it when the temperature in UK reached the highest in 10 years, so it gave it the ultimate longevity test in this hot and humid conditions. It does fade a little as the day goes on, but it is still very much visible and just looks more natural. Being a cream formula, you can always add a bit more during the day, blending it with just your finger, no brush needed.

Have I already mentioned that the packaging is absolutely stunning? I have? Ok, moving on.

Dreamy Glow Highlighter - Charlotte Tilbury & Norman Parkinson

The ‘Dreamy Glow Highlighter, Illuminating Youth Powder’ is just simply…. dreamy. It is a pink toned, very fine and, what I would describe as, quite soft highlight, that gives your skin a subtle, healthy glow. It is perfect for everyday use regardless if you work in an office or are a busy mummy who just wants her skin to look more luminous and youthful.

I have oily/combo skin but still really enjoy using highlighters for this healthy glow they give and this one is no exception. Just make sure to powder your t-zone and you can still highlight your cheekbones and brow bone.

Illuminating Youth Powder - Charlotte Tilbury

if I was to compare it to the more commonly known highlighters out there, I would say it sits somewhere between Mac Soft & Gentle and Kevyn Aucoin (although KA is lighter and more neutral, yellow toned). As seen on pic below. From the Top: Charlotte Tilbury, Becca Opal, Mac Soft & Gentle, Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight.

Colour & shade comparison -

And, have I already mentioned that the packaging is absolutely stunning? I have? Moving on to the last item I bought

On Call makeup bag - Jerry Hall

Charlotte Tilbury Jerry Hall Makeup Bag Reverse

The ‘On call’ makeup bag. Ok, I have to confess. This purchase was made purely because of the look of it, as I really wanted to have this iconic Jerry Hall photo somewhere in my collection. I decided not to buy the bronze and glow cream duo (well, yet anyway…) hence this purchase. It is just the right size makeup bag.

It is very functional, with black inside lining, so it will better disguise those foundation or lip gloss smudges. There are two open pockets inside, one on each side. It is easy to just wipe clean if need be so will last a long time in good condition.

Have I already mentioned… no, just kidding, you get the idea by now.

This limited edition collection is available on Charlotte Tilbury website as well as exclusive to Selfridges.

The blush retails at RRP £40, the highlight is RRP £45 and the makeup bag is RRP £32

Make sure you grab your favourite piece soon, as it is limited edition so will not be hanging around there for too long.