Let me start by saying that I am not a massive fan of BB or CC creams. I understand the concept, but it’s just not my favourite type of base. On a daily basis I use foundations ranging from full coverage like Estee Lauder Double Wear (holy grail status) to lighter ones like Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet.

I have tried some BB and CC creams before, but wasn’t overly impressed with any of them. Some did absolutely nothing in terms of coverage, (i.e. using a normal moisturiser would have the same effect, which to me is missing the point) and others made my already oily skin even oilier and made the rest of the makeup slide off my face. So, safe to say that I approach any claims of BB or CC creams with caution.

The only time I feel like using a lighter base is when I go on summer holiday, where caking a heavy foundation on a scorching sun is just not my idea of fun at all and probably the quickest way of getting some ‘unwanted guests’ appear on my face. I wear minimal makeup when it’s hot and I want my face to be able to breathe. So every year I’m on a hunt for a lightweight product with decent coverage and ideally high spf. I came across this Clinique BB cream while buying some other skincare by the Clinique counter and I am very, very impressed!!

First of all, the formula is extremely lightweight and very watery. If you are familiar with liquid type formula of Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet or Vitalumiere Aqua, this one is even more watery. When you shake the bottle, which is what you need to do before each use, it really feels like there is a water inside. Because of that, it applies very quickly and sinks into the skin within seconds. For the most part, I use just my fingers to apply it, sometimes I take Real Techniques stippling brush or expert face brush at the end, to smooth the surface, but it looks just as good applied with fingers.

Clinique bb cream anti blemish

The coverage, for the BB cream, is very impressive. One thin layer and you can definitely see the difference. When I feel like I need more coverage, I apply a second layer and it looks just as natural and feels just as lightweight so it is definitely buildable. I am really amazed how such a thin and light texture can give such a good coverage. I am wearing it on my face as I type this, with the rest of my makeup on and it really looks as if I’m wearing a foundation! Amazing!! For any dark blemishes or under eye darkness you may need to use a concealer, but for the most part, this covers really well.

Clinique BB cream spf 40

To make things even better (!) this cream is designed for a blemish prone or oily skin (or both in my case) and it claims to provide oil control and shine-free complexion. I normally powder my face anyway and need to blot every few hours. First time I felt like I needed to blot was about 5 hours later, so pretty good, I would say. As a not so proud owner of a blemish prone skin, I cannot tell you it will wipe all the blemishes off your face in no time, but hardly any products do. What it does, it seems to prevent the appearance of any new breakouts. My skin doesn’t normally last through airport, plane, hot weather, different water etc without breaking me out more or less, but all I can say is that I have made it through all this without anything unwanted ‘popping out’ on my face, so it seems to be working.

Clinique BB cream


The packaging is plastic, very light and perfect for travel, there is no pump, just an applicator but makes it very easy to dispense the product. I usually squeeze a small amount on the back of my hand and then apply on my face. It contains standard 30ml / 1fl.oz of product, just like most foundations. It comes in 5 different shades, which isn’t too bad for a BB cream, ranging from Light to Deep. I chose shade Light-Medium which is second lightest.

Clinique BB Anti blemish cream swatch

I really didn’t think I would be recommending any BB Cream so highly any time soon, but there you go. I honestly cannot recommend it enough. The best thing about it is that I can and will be using it on a daily basis sometimes, as a replacement of my foundation because it gives such a good coverage that even a devoted ‘full coverage’ fan like me will be pleased with. Plus it prevents blemishes so you feel like you are actually doing something that benefits your skin as opposed to just wearing a foundation.

Honestly, give it a go, wether you’re looking for something lightweight for your up coming holiday, or you just need a change and feel like trying something new in your foundation routine, you will not be disappointed. It covers it all (pun intended).

This retails at RRP £28 and is available at Boots, or Clinique website