When it comes to eyeliners there is one word that comes to mind for someone who has not quite mastered the perfect application yet – intimidating. I totally agree with whoever said that eyeliners can sense your fear. Damn right they can! Shaking hand obviously doesn’t help. What I end up with when I’m short of time, is skipping it altogether, because quite frankly, I would much rather have just a mascara on than a wobbly and less than attractive line on my lid that looks like I had one too many…

I have gone through a fair share of liners, different types and consistencies. Most of them ended up drying out before I had a chance to use it all up. I am certainly not the person who can grab any liner and have a perfectly lined eyes within less than two minutes. In fact about 10 minutes is probably just about right. That’s way too long when I do my makeup at 5 am and have very little time to make myself look half decent. But this is the liner I trust every day and the way I apply it takes seconds… literally.

I must now be on my third little pot of this Clinique Brush-On cream liner and it’s one of those makeup items that I know I will always have to have no matter what other products I decide to try or test. With eye liners, I’m sure we all have our preferences when it comes to the formula or even a brand. Someone works best with liquid, someone else with gel. For me, it seems to be cream. Not any cream though, this little pot in particular.
Clinique Brush-on cream liner

I say little because when I first got it, I was a bit surprised how tiny it is. It contains 5g of product, not a lot, but it lasts for absolute Ages!!!. Being a cream, you would have thought it’d go bad at some stage, change consistency, start smelling funky, anything really. Nope. I literally go through the entire pot, no drying, no problem. The product is as good at the beginning once opened, as it is once you’ve hit the bottom of the pot and started scrapping the edges (current situation as you may see on the photo). The pretty and fresh new pot is right next to it and I will be digging into it very soon. It may be small, perhaps not the cheapest, but it is well worth it and you will get your money’s worth.

Clinique Brush-on Cream liner in True Black

It comes in three colours, True Black, Black Honey and Smoke Grey. I typically go for black, it’s just my preference, but knowing how good it is, I would not mind trying out the other two shades to twist things up a bit. It also comes with this little brush that I originally thought I would have absolutely no use out of. It’s really tiny, not too stable to hold and it’s not really shaped the way I like my eyeliner brushes to be. I would normally use either Mac 266 or one that has a slightly bent top, like this Angled Eye liner brush from Laura Mercier.

Clinique Cream liner in black

Having said that, I found this little brush to be the most useful and I use it every single day. It’s not for any consistency, it works best with cream, but seriously it’s brilliant. What I do when I’m in a hurry, have no time to fuff around but still want to have a bit of eyeliner on, is dip the brush in a pot, take a little bit of product at a time and instead of drawing actual line above the lashes, I push the liner in between the lashes from the bottom. Very gently, no harsh movement, just push the product across the lash line holding your brush from below the lash line, close to top waterline, not from the top of the lash where the liner normally goes. So you’re not really drawing a line, more like ‘placing’ the liner between the lashes.

This will give a very subtle eyeliner effect (as seen below on the eye to the left vs no liner on the other eye) nothing dramatic or extreme, but will definitely give some dimension to the eye and instantly makes the lashes pop a lot more. Add some mascara and you’re done. It involves no flick, I normally just go all across my lash line and stop there. I don’t have to spend ages to create a perfect line, I can do liner in seconds, even with unsteady hand at 5am and with my somewhat limited skills. Just take a little amount of the product at a time and add gradually, to get the required effect. Honestly, it’s totally fool proof and requires no precision or steady hand.

Clinique cream liner review

I often use a pencil to line my lower waterline, so for me, there is no issue of the cream liner transferring on to the lower line, as I cannot see much of it anyway. In general, the product lasts all day long with no smudging or smearing, but if it’s applied on the waterline, a bit may transfer down. My eyes are quite watery, so I do get some product transfer, but it’s so little that it really doesn’t bother me. I rely on it for my everyday, quick and effortless application. If I have more time and feel like ‘vamping it up a bit’, or using false lashes for a night out, I dip my usual eyeliner brush in a product and draw a usual line, going from the top of the lashline.

Whichever application I chose, I find this Clinique liner to be very easy to work with, soft enough, but not too soft, just perfect. I’ve been using it for years, all year round, it holds extremely well. Again, I know the pot is small, but it’s a great value for money. I honestly cannot rave about this product enough. This really is my ride or die and I will always repurchase.

Clinique Brush-On cream liner retails at £17 and is available at Boots, Clinique, John Lewis, House of Fraser