Nail polish colour is definitely a seasonal choice for me.  There are those perfect ‘all year round’ colours of course, like classic red or impeccable black that will never depend on season, but some just simply scream summer, holiday, party, beach, barbecue and are best paired with summer dress or shorts than winter coat.

This little set is just that. It comes with two polishes, with cute, summery names. Flowers In Her Hair, is a pastel aqua green and Mermaid’s Dream is the darker green shade with some blue and gold sheeny particles. It’s not shimmer, so not one of those, ‘in your face’ polishes dedicated for a night out, no. This is a very subtle sheen which looks lovely and just right to make it an every day polish.

The formula of these is pretty impressive. I’ve never tried DL products before so I can only just base it on these two, but this is one of the longest lasting polishes I have tried so far!! It looked almost perfect on day six when it was time to take it off.

‘Flowers In Her hair’ only needs two thin coats to be completely opaque. I didn’t think Mermaid’s dream will give the desired opacity on its own, so I applied one thin layer of it on top of one layer of the other one and obtained what you can see on the picture.

I am really enjoying these refreshing, ocean green colours this summer.

Deborah-Lippman Calypso Nail Polish

This set comes packed in a little glittery bag, which sheds glitter everywhere, but it’s really pretty nevertheless. It can be used to store your polish when you pack for holiday to prevent bottle from breaking in your makeup bag, so not completely useless after all.

Both polishes come in mini sizes, each containing 8ml of product, as opposed to standard DL polish size of 15ml.

The Calypso Collection is a limited edition for this summer and is available at Selfridges at RRP £17.