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In todays’ world of so many cosmetic, makeup and skincare brands already firmly established on the market it is difficult to launch a new offering and compete with the ‘big guns’.
We are extremely spoiled with choices and it is safe to say, that there is probably no colour, shade, tone, formula or texture that has not been offered yet.

Delilah was created by three friends, professionals with passion for cosmetics who became ‘inspired by an abundance of quintessentially English influences’ and who saw an apparent lack of boutique British brands as their niche to create something unique.

I haven’t read too many reviews of Delilah cosmetics, which is something I normally do before any major cosmetic or skincare purchase. But I somehow knew I will be trying their products out. Somehow they just seemed very appealing to me. Maybe it’s the packaging, no-nonsense, beautiful, simple, chick. Or perhaps just the thought of venturing into products that are not talked about wherever you turn or click than finally won me over.

Delilah pic 6

Whatever it was, I purchased quite a number of products that I will be reviewing in 3 separate posts. It’s just too many to make one post out of it, so I will take a couple at a time.
In this post we will look at their bronzer and blush. Next post will be dedicated to mascara and lipstick and finally we will move on to brow pencil and a primer.

Let’s go back to the packaging for a minute. Metallic, matte with beautiful rose gold accents. Not too heavy but with substantial weight to it. Perfect to carry on the go. Both compacts come in a pretty box and a grey velvet pouch, reminiscent of many luxury makeup brands. It must be said, Delilah is by no means a drugstore brand, the price point is that of a high end makeup and honestly, so is the quality.

Delilah pic 2


delilah cosmetics review new brand


Sunset Matt Bronzer Compact

The bronzer comes in two shades, Light – Medium, and Medium – Dark. I decided to go for the latter and although I am light-medium I find this one to be perfect shade for me. I think the light shade would suit fair – light complexions perfectly. If you have a much darker complexion, it doesn’t look like the darkest shade would be too visible on you.

Delilah Cosmetics bronzer review


Delilah Bronzer swatches and review


The formula is very lightweight, goes on very smoothly and blends like all the good quality bronzers should. It is a perfect shade, nowhere near being orange and not too cool toned either. You can see how it compares with other well known bronzers out there.
Bronzers are one of the most difficult makeup items to get right, but I feel like this one would really be a perfect match for many. Delilah has done a great job. Beautiful. Period.
Colour Blush Compact Powder Blusher

The blush comes in three shades. Clementine – a beautiful peachy shade, Opera – vibrant cool tone pink and Lullaby – soft, baby pink. I decided to go for Lullaby and it is really gorgeous. Similarly to their bronzer, it is very lightweight and blends like a dream, the colour payoff if very good and it is definitely build able so it can be as gentle or as strong as you like.

Delilah Cosmetics blush swatch review


Delilah Blush swatches and review
I am really tempted by Clementine now and have a feeling it may just be my next blush choice, because yes, i definitely need more…
Both bronzer and blush are paraben free.

So far, I am very impressed with both and have been using them constantly. The bronzer has already made it’s way to my top 5 and I really like how easy and effortless it is to apply and how natural it looks.They also offer many other face products as well as brushes, which, I must admit, I really want to try out too, so don’t be surprised if there is some more reviews of this brand in the future.

Delilah products are mainly available in UK, but if you are interested, and you well should be,

 Space NK carries the line and ships worldwide.
You can also visit Delilah website to check out other stockists in UK. They are mainly boutique locations and award winning salons and spas.