I may not be the person who creates artwork on my nails, I wish I could, don’t get me wrong, but I am just simply rubbish at it. Having said that, I love nail polish and I make it a point to apply a new fresh layer of polish on a weekly basis…

I appreciate formulas that last without major chipping for at least 4+ days as I only do my manicure once per week. It’s just the way it is. When I saw the colour of Dior Sunwashed 319, I was immediately drawn to it. Surprisingly, not only me, as I have been asked numerous times about what is on my nails. Although so light in colour, it catches the attention.

It is such a fresh, summery, pastel yellow. It looks stunning with a bit of tan making it perfect holiday nail colour. Pale yellow is very forgiving and doesn’t make any small chips stand out, especially if you’re on your holiday and just simply have better things to do that reapplying your polish… just saying.

Dior Sunwashed Nail Polish

The formula of Dior polishes in general is one that I trust as they never let me down in terms of longevity. Easy 4-5 days with hardly any chips, could stretch the wear to 6 days plus (note: I always use top coat as well, which may prolong the wear).

It’s not streaky during application and you can get away with two thin coats for more natural look with just a bit of nail showing through. If you want to get complete opacity, go for a third thin layer.

It dries very quickly so applying three layers really isn’t time consuming.

For this summer holiday Dior also released Sunkissed 239, which is a pale, pastel peach and Sundown 464, more vibrant coral. Both beautiful, summery colours so grab your favourite, or all of them, why not. They are limited edition after all.

They retail at RRP £19 and are available in Selfridges or Boots.