I’ve always been a massive candle lover, to the point that I have a candle or two burning at home on a daily basis. I just really enjoy the ambience, warmth, coziness, relaxing atmosphere and not to mention very often an amazing scent that candles give. You just simply can’t go wrong with a candle if you want to ‘elevate your mood’, unwind and relax surrounded by beautiful and sophisticated scent.

There is a lot of brands that make beautiful candles and Diptyque is just one of them. Their candles are such a treat and I don’t burn them every day, I wish I could, but let’s face it, they’re very luxurious, quite potent and therefore really expensive. I find that they last for such a long time that I can justify the expense and treat myself once in a while. My favourites are Violette, Baies, Mimosa and now Rosa Viola…

Dipyque Rosa Viola limited edition candle

I’m not much of a rosy scents kind of person, be it in perfumes, candles or anything else for that matter. I do like it, but I’m not too crazy about it and I don’t think I’d invest in a rose scented perfume. It’s just not the type of scent I like to wear. I may be in a minority here, and that’s fine. After all, scent is a very personal thing. To be honest, when I saw this new candle from Diptyque, I immediately thought I’m going to get it because once it burns out, the glass container is so cute, it’s going to brighten up my makeup desk. But then I smelled it…

This candle is a collaboration between Diptyque and Olympia Le-Tan, fashion designer ‘renowned for her spirit and her passion for the colour rose’. The scent is a blend of roses and violets and I think this may actually be The best combination for a candle scent I’ve smelled for a long time!!! It is absolutely beautiful!! The rose is detectable, but mixed with violets, it gives it a bit more sweetness but in a mellow and gentle way. It’s just simply perfect. Even if, like me, you’re not a fan of rose scents, I promise you, this one is a winner.

Diptyque Rosa Voila Candle for valentines

All Diptyque candles, including this one, come in two sizes, smaller 70g and larger 190g, which give you a burning time between 25 to 60 hours, depending on which size you go for. All the ones I’ve tried so far leave a truly lovely scent behind for hours afterwards, so they don’t need to be burned for too long and the room still smells amazing. When I removed it from the foil packaging the scent was already so strong, even though I haven’t taken the candle out of the box yet. I just simply could not wait to burn it.

Candles always make for a perfect gift, regardless if it’s a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or Valentines Day to be celebrated. This one, with its pink hues and very cute red lips design is just a perfect gift for upcoming V Day, in case you want to give your Valentine a little hint. It’s such a simple, sophisticated and luxurious candle that will be enjoyed for many hours and not to mention, you can utilise the cute glass in many different ways once the candle is gone. I use larger ones to store my makeup brushes, smaller ones for cotton buds etc on my vanity, but there is many other crafty things you can do with them.

Diptyque Rosa Viola Rose and Violet scented candle

Simple tips to make your candle last longer: especially with the more expensive, luxurious ones, you want to make sure you get the most out of it. They all burn very even and clean right to the bottom. I burn my candle for at least 2 -3 hours at a time, to make sure it always burns evenly and I always trim the wick to make sure it burns slowly and avoids smoking and leaving black marks around the edge of the glass. If you take care of your candle, it will serve you well for a long time and you’ll get you money’s worth.

I cannot recommend this candle enough. It is absolutely beautiful both scent and look wise. I’m so in love with the scent in fact, that I went ahead and ordered some backups (yes, multiples!!) because this is unfortunately a Limited Edition piece. Shame, because I can easily see it becoming my favourite, but for now, I will do my best to preserve the ones I have. Available at Space NK, Diptyque, John Lewis  Go on, treat yourself or a significant other to this little bit of luxury.