BKR water bottle

BKR water bottle review

Water bottles have become an accessory in its own right recently, with all celebrities walking around holding not just a plastic bottle of Evian any more, but something more fashionable, fancy, cute and still nevertheless practical. I think if there is any trend worth following out there, this would most definitely be one of them. I won’t be talking about the very obvious benefits of drinking sufficient water intake daily, I’m sure you know what they are.

I really like drinking water and luckily, it comes very easily to me. Having said that, I can often get distracted, occupied with day to day activities and then realise that I drank hardly any liquid that day. So I decided to get a water bottle that would always remind me to fuel up with the healthy stuff.

May Favourites

May Favourites

I really don’t want to become one of those people stating the obvious every month, but I seriously cannot believe it’s already June!!! It’s unbelievable how time flies!!! It’s been a very busy month for me but definitely in a good way. I managed to settle a bit more in my new job and dare I say it… I really quite enjoy it. New place, new people, new challenges, slight change of lifestyle is exactly what I needed.

I never really thought I’d have time to grab a coffee and some breakfast and sit down in a coffee shop before work, relax, think and motivate myself for the day ahead (while still being the very first person in the office, by the way…) Little things and completely irrelevant to some people, but to me, they make my day and set the right tone from the early morning. This is definitely my first favourite of the past month and many months ahead I hope. Those ‘moments’ during the day that allow me to slow down, put my thoughts together and start with positive attitude.

Stripes in fashion

Crazy for stripes…

I’m definitely one of those people who looks at her wardrobe thinking ‘I have so much stuff yet nothing to wear! Why!!’. I know I’m not alone here. Whenever I go shopping, I often buy something because I just simply like it, without considering what exactly am I going to wear it with. Can I pair it with what I already own? Is it going to go with my most worn pieces? Am I still going to like it next year, and most importantly, is it comfortable and do I like how it looks on me? Not on the model…Me!

My wardrobe got hit pretty seriously during this season’s spring cleaning and I successfully managed to remove everything that shouldn’t have been there at first place, all the ‘what the heck were you thinking’ purchases, things I wasn’t wearing at all or not often enough to justify keeping it, that didn’t fit me any more… you get the gist. I gained much more space and apart from the feeling of serious accomplishment and satisfaction for finishing a somewhat mammoth task, I also understood what I should and should not be investing in when it comes to wardrobe choices to keep it simple yet still have good selection of outfits.

ASOS haul

ASOS clothing haul

Today’s post was meant to be a completely different one and I wasn’t really prepared to do a haul, especially my very first clothing haul, as I haven’t done one on my blog yet. But I recently ordered few things from ASOS and got it all delivered today, so I thought I may as well snap some pics as I’m trying it on and perhaps give you some idea if you’re up for a spot of online shopping (who isn’t??!)

My style has always been very simple. I like to buy items I can wear in many different ways and match with many different things, layer it, making it casual or more formal, depending on occasion. So most of my wardrobe consists of simple tops, jeans and black skinny trousers, jackets (loads of jackets!!) and plenty of blouses of a different kind. Anything I wear on a daily basis must be comfortable and that is a priority. So have a look at my recent picks and I hope you don’t mind some weird face expressions…

timeless classic pieces in makeup and fashion

Timeless classics – makeup and fashion

I guess the word ‘classic’ can mean different things to different people. What’s considered classic and timeless by me, may not necessarily be that to you. But there are items both in our makeup collection as well as our wardrobes that most of us would consider timeless classic because they never age and don’t depend on changing fashion trends. They have been and will always be trendy and classy.

Mainly because of that, if there is any item worth splurging on, it’s one of the classic pieces that you know will last in your wardrobe for years to come, will always look chic, effortless and fashionable and goes perfectly with majority of items you normally wear. I am by no means a fashion expert, but I love simple, easy, classic looks, so here are some of my timeless classics of fashion and makeup.

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