I have to admit I wasn’t too adventurous last month when it comes to makeup as such. I find that sometimes it very much depends on what is happening around me and how my thoughts are occupied with something else rather than what eyeshadow selection I will choose or in fact what makeup I feel like doing. So I pretty much stuck to one eyeshadow palette, but oh, what a bomb of a palette it is!!

Early in the month I discovered a new scent, which I totally fell head over heels in love with and cannot be without now. I think it’s a very strong contender to become my signature or at least end up in my top 5 most loved scents Ever…Yeah, that good.

So let’s briefly mention this eyeshadow palette then, shall we? I say briefly, because I’ve already done a detailed review and swatches of it recently, read it here if you want to see all shadows swatched. I also raved about it on my instagram quite a bit lately, so I won’t go into too much detail. Yes, I’m talking about my custom made Makeup Geek shadow palette. Holly crap, they are just simply perfection! Everything that I want from an eyeshadow and then some. I love the effect duochrome and foiled shadows give and I’ve been absolutely killing this palette last month. I cannot recommend Makeup Geek shadows enough!! I’ll shut up now, I promise, but do give them a go. They’re available at BeautyBay and are so affordable!

February Favourites Makeup Geek eyeshadows

Most of foundations I use on a daily basis are very often medium to full coverage because I feel like if I apply a layer of makeup on my face, it may as well be one that covers the most of my problem areas and makes it work for me. One foundation that I don’t think I mentioned on my blog and it really deserves a mention is MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof foundation. I’ve had it for a while now and use it whenever I want my base to cover well and last long. This has been one of my favourite long wearing  foundations, right next to Estee Lauder Double Wear and Diorskin Star Foundation. Because it has much thicker consistency, I like to apply it with my fingers first and then add some more product wherever I need it and blend it with a brush for a seamless effect. It layers very well, surprisingly doesn’t feel too heavy and seriously covers A LOT!!. I would say go for at least a shade lighter, as the colours tend to run a bit on a darker side.
february favourites mac pro longer nourishing waterproof foundation

My most worn lipstick of the month goes to MAC Viva Glam V. It’s a lovely mauvy, dusty rose shade. I needed something that is easy to apply, doesn’t dry out my lips and gives me just enough colour without being too intense. This little guy ticks all the boxes and is probably one of my favourite MAC lipsticks I own. So comfortable, goes with every makeup I wear and it’s just altogether great. Lustre finish will give a bit of shine to the lips and prevent from feeling too dry. Great all rounder.

february faves Mac viva glam V

I recently did a review on the new Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powders, swatching all four of them here. I love highlighters in general and Hourglass is my all time favourite brands when it comes to powders, but out of the four shades, I seemed to gravitate towards one of them in particular last month. It’s the Euphoric Strobe Light that I took to the most. I am relatively light and have no tan at all at the moment, but I do use bronzers ( I do not leave the house without it…) and Euphoric light is such a beautiful, slightly deeper shade of highlight. It looks amazing on top of cheekbones with a bit of bronzer. I love them all, but at the moment, this one is definitely my favourite.

february favourites Hourglass Euphoric Strobe Light

The scent that completely stole my heart last month was ‘Rose of No Man’s Land’ from Byredo. I cannot describe scents too well and however I try, I’m probably not going to do it justice, but I just cannot stop wearing it. This perfume is made as a tribute to the nurses who saved lives during WWI as they were called by soldiers ‘Roses of no man’s land’. Such a beautiful, meaningful tribute. Although I am not one to go for typically rosy scents, this one is much deeper and so much more original, with Pink Pepper, Raspberry Blossom, Papyrus and white amber mixed with Turkish rose petals. The scent is very exclusive, elegant and very sophisticated with clean and crisp touch to it. For me, it’s perfection and amazingness in a bottle and I simply cannot get enough. The bottle is very simple and classic but it’s hard to find in perfumes these days, so I really appreciate this beautiful simplicity of Byredo bottles.

February favourites Byredo Rose of no man's land perfume

I have an accessory item that I honestly didn’t expect to love as much as I do. I have always been a large handbag type of person and what goes with a large handbag is usually a large purse. My last handbag purchase, however, was relatively small as I felt like I needed a change and since I got it, I was on the hunt for a card holder. I didn’t think I could switch that easily from my beloved large purse to a teeny weeny holder, but this little guy turned out to be hella useful. It has a main compartment in the middle and two slots at the front and two at the back, so plenty of space for all the necessary cards, plus some banknotes. I immediately loved the colour, as I wanted something brighter and a bit more funky, and a little skull with crystal eyes is just precious. It became my ‘go to’ whenever I carry my small handbags, it’s great for travel or just running errands. I was literally glued to my small cross body bag last month, so had plenty of use out of this little gadget. Available at Selfridges

February favourites Alexander Mcqueen card holder

My favourite series to watch on Netflix last month (and still is now as I’m still watching it) is called ‘Lie to me’. We were looking for something to watch and came across this one, and what do you know, few episodes later, I’m hooked. It’s about a group working for FBI, who specialise in reading human facial expressions and body language to expose the liars and get to the truth. It’s quite amazing how some techniques are so obvious, and it’s sometimes easy to spot a liar if you know what to look for. Each episode tells a different story. Some episodes I watched so far were just a bit slow, but in general, I really like it and I think the idea behind the series is pretty darn good. Check it out if you’re looking for something to watch. Really good one.

Ok, I rambled on for way too long. If you survived right to the end, thank you, you’re the best xxx

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