I’m definitely one of those people who looks at her wardrobe thinking ‘I have so much stuff yet nothing to wear! Why!!’. I know I’m not alone here. Whenever I go shopping, I often buy something because I just simply like it, without considering what exactly am I going to wear it with. Can I pair it with what I already own? Is it going to go with my most worn pieces? Am I still going to like it next year, and most importantly, is it comfortable and do I like how it looks on me? Not on the model…Me!

My wardrobe got hit pretty seriously during this season’s spring cleaning and I successfully managed to remove everything that shouldn’t have been there at first place, all the ‘what the heck were you thinking’ purchases, things I wasn’t wearing at all or not often enough to justify keeping it, that didn’t fit me any more… you get the gist. I gained much more space and apart from the feeling of serious accomplishment and satisfaction for finishing a somewhat mammoth task, I also understood what I should and should not be investing in when it comes to wardrobe choices to keep it simple yet still have good selection of outfits.

Striped tops, fashion stripes

That’s why lately I’ve been approaching clothes shopping with caution. Looking at what I need to add to my wardrobe and how easy something is to style and put together into a nice, effortless yet still classy outfit. There’s been a lot of interest lately into a capsule wardrobe theme, with YouTubers and bloggers alike putting together clothing pieces in their own way from one season to another. It sounds great and I’m sure it works perfectly for some, but I personally don’t want to restrict myself to a specific (and very limited) number of tops, bottoms, shoes and what not. I like to have a choice, as long as I can control it and am fully aware exactly what is in my wardrobe.

One thing that will always be in fashion and will always be considered timeless is striped top. I’m pretty sure most of us own at least one in our closet right now. The style has been there for generations and earned the status of iconic fashion item. The classic Breton style top has been introduced back in 1858 as part of the French navy uniform. It truly entered the fashion world after being recognised by no other than Coco Chanel, who made it part of her collection in 1917. Nowadays it’s considered a staple, a ‘must-have’ comparable to a pair of black trousers and white top.

Striped top

Photo source: stylecaster.com

I always felt good wearing striped top, be it a blouse, a tee or knitwear. I haven’t had too many but I enjoyed the ones I owned, so it was only natural for me to add some new nautical pieces this time round. I appreciate how easy and simple it is to put an entire outfit together and it makes me feel good every time I wear them. Not to mention, they are extremely versatile and can get me through the day from work in the office to going out for a drink with friends. Paired with black tailored trousers, jacket and pair of heels, it looks very chic, sophisticated and classy, perfect for business meeting. Put together with distressed boyfriend jeans and pair of flats, it gives more of a relaxed, effortless vibe, while still looking crisp. Perfect for weekend away. Win win and that’s exactly what I love about them.

Stripy top inspiration

Photo source: stylecaster.com

Striped tops, fashion, classic stripes

Stripes have definitely become my wardrobe staple for this coming spring / summer season. In fact I don’t own anything that wouldn’t go with striped pattern, since I don’t often wear too much of colour or print on my clothes. I like to keep it simple and sometimes that’s the easiest and seriously the best way to feeling good and comfortable in my clothes. It feels really good knowing I can throw an outfit together in a matter of minutes and it will work every time, adding a bit of ‘je ne sais quoi’ and this specific to french women notion of always looking perfect while spending very little time to get ready. The outfits are far from boring. They will look just as good with a pair of red skinny jeans or green skirt as they do with black trousers and a jacket. It goes to show just how universal stripes are. Most of my striped tops come from Zara and COS, but they’re pretty much everywhere with variety of cuts, shapes and stripe patterns to choose from.


Zara striped sweater

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