Some makeup brands add a bit of a twist for the new season and dress their products in different, often limited edition packaging. Take Tom Ford bronzers for instance. Dressed in white sleek cases with gold details for the summer 2015.

This goes to show that contrary to what some of us may say, the packaging is important to an average consumer (read: makeup enthusiast) and may just mean a difference between a buy and no buy. 

Guerlain did just that and this summer came out with the very same Terracotta bronzer formula that we already know and love, but this time, dressed in a silicone sleeve in a happy, summery, bright colours. 

The packaging catches the eye and the idea of a plastic sleeve is, that it is supposed to be more travel friendly as it protects the bronzer from any damage. That is if you happen to throw your makeup bag here and there, which is not something I do, but I can still see the benefits of this cover. It perfectly protects the compact from any scratches that can easily happen in a filled to the brim makeup bag. I don’t know about you, but I’m very protective of my makeup. I invested in it (we all know it’s not cheap these days) it will take me some time to use it, and while I enjoy it, I want it to look pristine and lovely, not sad and scratched. So yeey to the sleeve!!! It replaces a usual velvet pouch, so don’t expect both. If you still prefer to look at the beautiful, shiny, mahogany packaging, typical to Guerlain, just take off the sleeve and here it is, it all its shiny glory.


Guerlain Terracotta bronzing powder

Guerlain Terracotta bronzer packaging

The silicone covers come with two bronzer shades 02 Blondes which is dressed in a riviera turquoise sleeve, and 03 Brunettes that comes in a vibrant coral. I wouldn’t restrict the shades only to brunette or blondes, anyone can use any of them. The 03 is on the warmer side, the 02 is a bit cooler in tone.

The formula has not changed. Still the same, very fine and lightweight. I chose 03 Brunettes and have to admit, when it came,  I thought it looks quite dark compared to some other bronzers I have, so was immediately concerned that it’s not going to work on me. Even the swatches clearly show the difference in tones compared to some bronzers I currently use. But I need not have worried.

Guerlain Terracotta bronzer swatches

It looks lovely on the skin and makes it look sun kissed and healthy. Don’t get me wrong, the powder packs a punch and you can definitely build it up should you want it to be darker. If you are very fare, I don’t think this will be a product for you, it would be way too dark on fare skin. You may want to try one of their Terracotta Light Sheer bronzing powders which is more suitable for fare-light skin tones.


Guerlain Terracotta bronzer

For me, a little at a time gives the best results, but that’s how I would normally approach a bronzer application anyway. It blends seamlessly and effortlessly, the texture is very light, with a very good lasting power. It contains moisturising agents which prevent skin from drying, but as a not-so-very-proud owner of an oily/combo skin type, I can’t really confirm or deny, as I’ve never had a problem with any bronzer drying me out.

Guerlain Terracota Bronzer 03 Brunettes shade


One thing to mention that may or may not be a deal breaker for some, is that some of Guerlain products are very highly scented, as is the case with this bronzer. I really enjoy the typical Gurlain scent and personally think it adds to the whole experience of using their makeup, but I know some people would rather avoid it, or have skin sensitivity and cannot use heavily scented products.

Guerlain Terracotta bronzing powder

Side note: please ignore the ‘dent’ on the surface, it wasn’t delivered this way, I just have an unfortunate tendency of dipping my clumsy finger in a brand new product before I had a chance to take photos or just enjoy its untouched beauty. Oh well…

The bronzers retail at RRP £37.50 and are available in Selfridges, Feelunique,