I have been looking to try some Kiko products for quite some time now, since I don’t own any yet and heard nothing but good things about the brand. I did get some lip glosses which I love and, me being me, decided to go for the bronzer (go figure…) and highlighter from their relatively new Midnight Siren collection.

It almost feels like whenever I try to explore a new (to me) cosmetic brand, I have to start with their bronzer as if it was the most important item in the entire makeup collection. It’s not, but it certainly is one of the most difficult ones to get right in my opinion. Not too powdery, not too dark, not too orange etc. It all matters when choosing a bronzer, so I wanted to put the one from Kiko to the test.

First of all, let’s start with packaging. It’s meant to resemble a pearl, hence the shape. I wasn’t too overwhelmed by it to be honest, and would much prefer both products to be in a flat case, but I knew what I was buying, so no problem, really. Although if your makeup drawer is reaching its capacity ( like mine is ) you may struggle to accommodate this type of bulky packaging. I also find it a little bit flimsy when using it. Perhaps because I’m not used to the shape. On a positive note though, it looks pretty good when it’s stood somewhere separately on a shelf, almost like a Christmas decoration…

Kiko Midnight Siren Bronzer and Highlighter


Silk Pearl Illuminating bronzer 

The Bronzer is in a shade ’02 Irresistible Sienna’ and consists of three separate shades, which can be used separately or mixed together. I really like this concept, especially since all shades are very useable on their own. The darkest shade in the packaging is not too too dark, so should be just fine for light to medium complexions even used on its own. It’s a warm shade of brown, so perfect for giving face a bit of healthy, bronzed look. The middle shade is warm, almost creamy, light brown. If you swirl your brush across both and mix them two up, you will get a light, subtle, yet still definitely visible bronze. I like that they’re warm, but far from orange or muddy looking.

Kiko Midnight Siren Silk Pearl Illuminating bronzer

The lightest shade in the pan is a perfect addition to the product and makes it completely versatile and multi-purpose. If you take a large fluffy bronzer brush and swirl it over the entire surface, across all three colours, you will get the most beautiful, subtle bronzer with a light sheen. That’s how I personally like using this product the most. The little highlighter adds a bit of life to it and makes it glow just the right amount. You can hopefully see on the swatch that the two bronzer colours are satin/matte, but when mixed with the highlighter, there is a gentle sheen going on. Really, reeealyyy pretty.

Kiko Cream Radiance Illuminating Bronzer
The bronzer also comes in another shade, 01 Radiating Honey with what looks like a bit cooler toned bronzers and pink toned, also cooler, highlight colour. This one may be a bit better for conturing as it’s not as warm toned as ‘Irresistible Sienna’.

Kiko Midnight Siren Illuminating Bronzer swatches

If you’d like the highlight to be a bit more visible, use it on its own, on top of the cheekbones.
The consistency is creamy and is what Kiko calls ‘’liquid powder’’ formula. It acts as if it was a liquid product, adhering to the face better than the powder but applying as easily as powder formulas. When swatched, it definitely feels very creamy, silky soft and not at all powdery. I really like this kind of consistency and found it a pleasure to use.

Cream Radiance Highlighter 
The consistency of this product is really something new to me. I definitely do not own any product of such texture. It feels like a mixture of cream, and powder put together. It’s a PREAM!! (yeah, totally made it up!), with a bit of gel consistency thrown in there too. It almost feel a bit bouncy to touch. Compared to the bronzer, it’s definitely more creamy and less powdery, but when applied, it transforms into powdery texture. I picked the shade 01 Twilight Gold. There is another one, more pink toned in 02 Alluring Sand. Twilight Gold is a very pretty shade, somewhere in between yellow and frosty white. This shade would be perfect for light to medium complexions.

Kiko Silk Pearl cream Radiance Highlighter

It can be applied with a brush, although I’d go for a more denser one, not too fluffy brush, due the texture of the product. I found it a bit more difficult to pick it up with a brush. That’s probably why it totally works when applied with a finger too.  This is still fairly subtle highlight, so nothing too overpowering. When swatched it seems quite strong, but applied on the face, it’s definitely on the subtle side. It is stronger than the highlighting shade contained in the bronzer compact, but it’s still gentle enough for daily wear. When applied with a brush, it really is extra gentle but when layered, it picks up a bit in strength, so you can choose how strong you want it to be.  The consistency needs a bit of getting used to, it did for me anyway, especially if, like me, you’re used to powder highlighters.

Kiko Cream Radiance Highlighter swatches

Overall, I am very happy with both of them, bronzer in particular. If you are looking for a good quality, affordable bronzer, and are not very much a highlight person but wouldn’t mind trying out something subtle, you have it all in one. You can make your bronzer lighter or darker and add some slight illumination to it, or just leave it matte. Really good product. If you like a bit more sheen to your face, add the Cream Radiance highlight on top and you’re good to go. The shades are not exactly unique, but the consistencies are certainly something different, definitely worth trying out. Especially with both products being very affordable, you can’t go wrong.

Silk Pear Illuminating Bronzer (comes in 2 shades) retails at £14.90
Cream Radiance Highlighter (comes in 2 shades) retails at £10.90