I have been staring at this palette for the longest time, knowing at the back of my mind that sooner or later I’m going to cave anyway. And what do you know…It suddenly appeared in front of me when I was looking for something else… (that’s a complete lie, but let’s get on with it…) and so I eventually decided that I do need it in my life and can justify it because… it’s neutral. 

We all seem to do that apparently. I asked on Instagram recently if anyone else buys makeup, be it shadows, or lipsticks, and justifies it by the fact that it is in neutral, therefore wearable on a daily basis, it somehow becomes acceptable and justifiable. Never mind the fact that we gather a tonne of neutral everything, but that’s ok. Right?

So anyway, I got it and I love it. What can I say. It’s as perfect warm neutral as it can possibly be. I like the fact that I do not have to reach for any other palette to do a complete eye look. There is a perfect matte crease shade (Saddle) and a black, matte liner (Dance In the Dark). So really, the palette has everything you need and with the selection of shades, the possibilities are endless!

There is 15 shadows in total, pretty much covering all possible eye shadow finishes that Mac has to offer. From Matte, to Satin, to Lustre, Frost, Veluxe Pearl to Velvet. So although ‘neutral’ may seem like just another excuse, I think this is a really versatile item and I really see a lot of potential in this palette. It goes without saying that all of the shadows are very much wearable on a daily basis and can be smoked out a bit with shades like ‘Dark Brew’ or ‘Dance in the dark’ for a night out. For the most part, this type of shadow selection is one that you reach for without a second thought when doing your daily makeup.
Mac Cosmetics Neutral Eyeshadow Ready Palette

If you’ve already used Mac eyeshadows in the past, then you know what to expect and you will not be disappointed. If you haven’t thought, then what you need to know is that they are just simply bloody brilliant. They apply and blend amazingly quick and seamless, are perfect for both the beginners and makeup artists alike and no wonder that Mac shadows are often a No 1 choice for both. One of my first eyeshadows I ever bought were from Mac, but I don’t seem to own many of them now, so this is a very pleasant reminder of how good they still are.

So, let’s get into swatches, names and finishes

Mac Eyeshadows warm neutral palette swatches

The top row of the palette consists of

‘Hey’ – Veluxe Pearl finish,

‘Warm Breeze’ – Satin,

‘Gingersnap’ -Frost,

‘Dark Brew’ – Velvet,

‘Dance in the Dark’ – Matte

Mac Warm Neutral eyeshadow ready palette swatches and review

The middle row goes as follows

‘Brule’ – Satin

‘Vanilla Extract’ – Frost

‘Honey Lust’ – Lustre, (this one gave me a bit of a fall out and I thought it wasn’t as pigmented as other Lustre finish shadows in this palette)

‘Amber Lights’ – Frost

‘Saddle’ – Matte, perfect as a crease shade


Mac eyeshadows warm neutral ready palette swatched

The bottom row 

‘Lemon Tart’ – Veluxe Pearl

‘Creative Copper’ – Lustre

‘Butterfudge’ – Satin

‘Divine Decadence’ – Velvet

‘Unwind’ – Veluxe Pearl

From what I can see, compared with MAC website, the only shades that are widely available to buy as singles are ‘Brule’, ‘Honey Lust’, ‘Amber Lights’, and ‘Saddle’. The rest of them does not appear to be available in singles, so may just be exclusive to this palette. If you’re looking for an easy, no fuss, everyday, warm neutral eyeshadow palette, then this would totally sort you out. The quality, pigmentation, colour selection, variety is totally on point. Plus (and that’s a massive plus) it only costs £65 for a palette with 15 eyeshadows.

You’d normally have to pay around £150 (£10 per refill pan) just for the shadows, plus the cost of actual palette to keep them in. These shadows are a little bit smaller at 1.3 g per piece, as opposed to standard size of 1.5g, but you are still saving yourself a little fortune. Is this THE BEST neutral shadow palette out there? No, probably not. I’m sure you can still find cheaper ones and of a really good quality, but for me, this sure is a good one and I’m very pleased with it.

It’s available at Mac, Selfridges, Debenhams and probably everywhere else where Mac products are available, so go check it out and grab yourself a beautiful, neutral bargain.