I have seen some reviews of this little pink cloth here and there but for some reason it felt a bit meeehhh and I wasn’t really convinced it could be something I would be comfortable using. It just didn’t speak to me enough, if I can put it this way. Also, having already found my holy grail makeup remover, I found it very unlikely that this ‘invention’ could in any way shape or form replace a tried and tested product.

Fast forward few months, while browsing a website looking at some pretty makeup I do not yet own (as some of us makeup addicts inevitably do…) I came across this again. I thought, why not try, if I don’t like it, the least I can do is write about it. So I am. Except, I actually happen to like it…a lot.

I am still rather baffled as to how this item can remove makeup without any product, using just water and why on earth has nobody thought about it before??? Sounds rather ingenious to say the least.

It claims to provide a gentle cleansing process without affecting skin’s natural acid mantle, in other words is gentle to the very fine, acidic layer on the surface of the skin that creates a barrier and protects the skin from any bacteria or other harmful contaminants.

It is made from a special polyester, which is ‘a silk fibre, finer than human hair’.

Makeuo Eraser pic 2

I thought I would put it to the proper test by using it on a face, excuse the term, ‘full of slap’. I am in favour of full coverage foundation for the most part, so used my Estee Lauder Double Wear which is a very full cover, non transferable makeup base. Add to it some bronzer, blush, a touch of highlighter, powder on top and of course eye makeup including mascara and eyeliner.

I was really dubious at first, but as I started working the damp cloth in circular motions over my face, all this makeup started disappearing gradually.

I am very impressed with how it managed to remove the face makeup almost completely without any harsh movements. I used a side with shorter hair for makeup removal and then flipped on to the longer hair side to give it a bit of a gentle exfoliation. It really does work.

I was a bit less impressed with eye makeup though. Although it seemed to have removed mascara quite well, I was not comfortable poking my eye with a rather thick material to remove remains of eyeliner that was sitting between my lashes. It may just be the way I apply my liner to start with, but for me this was not sufficient to claim its victory in this case. Also, my eyes tend to get very sensitive sometimes which means I need to be extra gentle to remove my makeup and this was just not gentle enough for me. So you may want to consider it if your eyes are also over sensitive.

MakeUp Eraser

All things considered, I really think this product is worth buying. Something I honestly did not expect myself to say. I will still be using my beloved makeup remover for my eyes every now and again, but as far as the rest of the face is concerned it did a great job.

The makeup eraser retails at RRP £17 which may seem a lot for what it really is, but if used on regular basis, it may either completely or partially replace other products for removing makeup, which, let’s face it, are not the cheapest these days, so it could save some money in the long run.

Also, absolutely perfect for travel and takes no space at all. All I need is a mini bottle of Bioderma or other small remover for my eyes and I’m a happy camper (no pun intended).

Please, please and again please, make sure you don’t use it as a replacement of your face wash. It’s not what it’s meant to be used as. It can only replace a makeup remover followed by your usual face wash and skincare routine.

Make Up Eraser - Make Up Removal

It doesn’t need to be washed every time it’s used, but I wasn’t going to leave it to dry with all this dirty makeup on it, and then use it again dirty, so I just used a little bit of soap (either bar or liquid will do) and it easily removed almost entire makeup. It also dries really quick.

What can I say, I’m a convert, I like it and I’m glad I gave it a chance.

It’s available in Selfridges.

MakeUp Eraser website or Sephora.com