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Empties – products I used up and mini reviews

I know I’ve just literally posted my first Empties not that long ago and it may look like I’ll be doing one blog post a month about products I’ve used up, but that’s not quite the case. Ever since I cleaned up my space and got rid of some out of date items (surprisingly, there were’t that many), I really wanted to ensure I used up everything I have open and in rotation before I go ahead using another product.

I love trying new skincare and body care items, just as much as I enjoy trying new makeup and for the most part, I’m really good with finishing products. I use a heck of everything I have, be it moisturiser, body lotion, face masks and what not. That’s really the only way to check if something works or not, just by using it regularly. So here’s a second ‘Empties’ post containing some products I used up.

Marc Jacobs Bronzer Brush and Foundation Buffing Brush

Marc Jacobs makeup brushes – worth the splurge?!

I’ve been staring at this Marc Jacobs bronzer brush for ages, watching reviews, reading blog posts etc, but since it was only available in US, I never actually took the plunge to order it for some reason. For me, any makeup related purchases fall into three categories. One that you know you REALLY want as soon as you see it, (even though you may not need it), ones that you like but perhaps not as much to spend money on it and ones that are just simply meh, do nothing for you, so you just don’t bother.

Well, let me tell you, this darn brush was definitely in the first category and I knew I wanted it for so long, that when the line finally became available in UK’s Harrods, there was no stopping me! Of course my curiosity has no limits so I also picked up another brush alongside, which, although not planned,  turned out to be a pretty good investment.

Tarte Rainforest of the sea eyeshadow palette

Tarte rainforest of the sea eyeshadow palette review and swatches

I really don’t know how I always get sucked into getting another eyeshadow palette!!! The last thing I need is more shadows and I know I sound a bit like a broken record here, but there always seems to be something I want to try! (cries inside..) Especially since I don’t own any of the Tarte shadows and heard a lot of good stuff about them.

Anyway, I decided to pick up this palette from Tarte’s most recent collection, rainforest of the sea. I have to say, it was close call between this one and the Tartlette in Bloom, which I think is absolutely gorgeous too, but I was drawn to this one just a little bit more by the packaging and a lot more by the colour selection, so here it is.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution 'Between the sheets' and K.I.S.S.I.N.G 'Kiss chase'

Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks – best formula out there?

Lipsticks, along with foundations and other cream products tend to intimidate me a little. These are usually items I try to be very careful not to go overboard with and resist the temptation (we all know by now that I have little to no self control when makeup is concerned). I know it should ideally apply to every single makeup item, but I just don’t feel the same way about powders. Sure, all makeup items have shelf life and sure, we should always pay attention to that, but in principal, we can get away with using powder products for much longer than cream or liquid.

I recently cleared out a lot of my lipsticks (still very far from lacking in lipstick department) and I know it shouldn’t be an excuse, but I shamefully allowed myself to purchase some new lippies recently. Let’s face it, it so easy to throw new little cute lipstick bullet into the cart or shopping basket, right? Especially if they’re ones you’ve always wanted to try, the colours that you like or the brand that you love. That’s why I can never resist Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. They’re just simply amazing.

Product Empties various items

Empties – products I used up + mini reviews

I recently made it a point to use up some of the products that were almost empty anyway, and so I thought I’d share my empties with you before they end up in the bin. I always find this type of video or post very informative and helpful. Although it may be similar in a way to monthly favourites, it’s not quite the same.

After all, we’re talking about products that we completely used up, hence have a pretty  good idea if it worked for us or not, and if we’d repurchase… or not. I love trying out new skincare, haircare, body products and makeup, and go through some of them really quite quickly, so hopefully each one of these posts will have a good mix of all product types. So let’s have a look into my bin…so to speak…

Guerlain Creme De beauté makeup remover

Guerlain Creme de Beauté cleansing cream

Guerlain products get me excited and that’s that. I absolutely love all the makeup I am lucky enough to own and I thoroughly enjoy quite a few pieces in my collection. I have never tried any skincare from them because let’s be honest, we all know it’s a high end brand with high end price tags, but some skincare products are just simply ridiculously expensive and way out of my budget.

I was gifted some Guerlain products by my man for Christmas last year and one of them was this cleansing cream/makeup remover with a very posh and fancy name Crème de Beaute. Granted, he didn’t have the foggiest idea what he’s actually buying and what it’s supposed to be used for, he just liked the packaging… Bless him. I don’t think this would be my choice when makeup remover is concerned so now I have a chance to bring you this review in case you’re interested or considering buying it.

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