I’ve been staring at this Marc Jacobs bronzer brush for ages, watching reviews, reading blog posts etc, but since it was only available in US, I never actually took the plunge to order it for some reason. For me, any makeup related purchases fall into three categories. One that you know you REALLY want as soon as you see it, (even though you may not need it), ones that you like but perhaps not as much to spend money on it and ones that are just simply meh, do nothing for you, so you just don’t bother.

Well, let me tell you, this darn brush was definitely in the first category and I knew I wanted it for so long, that when the line finally became available in UK’s Harrods, there was no stopping me! Of course my curiosity has no limits so I also picked up another brush alongside, which, although not planned,  turned out to be a pretty good investment.

I call it investment because let’s face it, Mark Jacobs is a high end brand with prices to match. To spend £52 on a bronzer brush you have to be just a tiny bit mad and really makeup obsessed. Luckily, I’m both of those things so that makes it ok…. (no, not really… but I’m gonna stick with it).

The Bronze bronzer brush
Marc Jacobs The Bronze Bronzer Brush

This is the most expensive and also the largest brush in Marc Jacobs collection. It definitely stands out when I put it in my brush holder together with the rest of my brushes, it proudly towers over them. This is a luxurious brush not only because of the brand name but how it’s made and how it performs. It’s very sturdy, made really well with its shiny black handle and silver details. The bristles feel feathery soft and are packed quite densely, but still allowing for much needed flexibility and movement.

The brush looks heavy but it’s really not, it’s a perfect weight for holding it steadily while using it, but it’s not too light to make it feel plasticky. I find that the long handle also gives an option of either heavier bronzer application, when held closer to the bristles, or softer, gentle wash of colour when held somewhere in the middle.

Marc Jacobs Bronzer Brush

The bristles are round shaped with a slightly pointed tip, which allows to be more precise when applying bronzer in the hollow of the cheek. Because of the large size, the application is very quick and effortless, the blending of product reduced to no time. I’ve been using this brush both with powder and cream bronzers and it works amazing with both formulas. When used with cream, it doesn’t shed any hair into the product, which is fantastic, because I hate having to spend time tweezing brush hair out of my bronzer. It’s amazing and it was totally worth the wait.

The Face III Buffing Foundation brush

Marc Jacobs The Face III Buffing Foundation Brush

Ok, so this definitely wasn’t a planned purchase, but I am so very happy I picked it up on a whim. I absolutely looove this brush for applying my foundations, it’s perfect. It’s a lot smaller in size than the bronzer brush and the handle is thick and chunky, but it makes it very stable to hold. Same high quality finish, bristles just as soft, but much more densely packed in this one and the shape is more on the flat side to make foundation apply better.

I’ve always been in favour of large foundation brushes so this guy ticks all the right boxes for me. It blends any liquid foundations like a dream, seamlessly, perfectly and really really quick. Most of my liquid foundations are medium to full coverage hence heavier in consistency, but this brush works amazing with all of them, leaving my skin looking flawless every time. It was designed to be used with Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation, but it works beautifully with any other base too. I would probably go as far as saying that this is the best foundation brush I’ve tried so far. Bold claim, I know, but so well deserved.

Marc Jacobs The Face III Buffing Foundation Brush

Needless to say, after such a great experience with these two, I am very tempted to see what other MJ brushes are like. Although very expensive, they will definitely last for a long time, if well taken care of. I’ve been using both of mine every day since I got them some weeks ago and washed them quite a few times already. Neither of them have shed a single hair when using or washing them. They may be on a pricey end of spectrum, but I can see they will outlast some of my other brushes by far. One thing I noticed is that they dry longer compared to other brushes I own, but that’s hardly a con, it’s just because the bristles are much thicker. Do I think they’re worth a splurge? Yes, absolutely! And it’s great to know that you not only pay for the brand name here, as it sometimes happens with other expensive albeit disappointing products, but also for very high quality brush which does a great job and then some. I can honestly very highly recommend these two.

Marc Jacobs beauty is available exclusively to Harrods in UK and Sephora in US.


Marc Jacobs The Bronze bronzer BrushMarc Jacobs The Face III Buffing Foundation Brush