We all have our own skincare routine, a selection of products that we like to use to take off the day and get ready to rest and unwind. For me, some of them rotate and constantly change, others are definitely there to stay. I think evening skincare routine is much more important than morning one, since we’re  getting rid of all the dirt, pollution and makeup and applying some products that will be doing their job while we drift away into deep sleep.

There is also nothing more satisfying that making sure my face is clean, makeup free and treated with some good skincare. So I thought I’d start with my current evening routine, moving on to the morning one at some later time. Again, some products are ‘must-haves’ that I repurchase time and time again, others change as I go along.

I wear makeup most days during the week, so I always start with removing that first. If I’m by the sink I use my Clarins Take the day off, which perfectly and very gently removes makeup off my eyes and face. Either balm or oil, both are amazing products. Read more about them here. I’ve also just started using this Guerlain ‘Creme de Beaute’ cleansing milk, and there will be a separate post about this, so I won’t go into detail. Alternatively, while I’m watching TV or YouTube, or still hanging around the house, I use my Makeup Eraser. I honestly love this thing!! It’s not the best for the eye area, in my opinion, but, I always go over with a bit of Bioderma or makeup wipes afterwards. There seems to be a strong general disapproval of makeup wipes, but I really like them. I don’t use them to remove the entire face of makeup, but rather to remove whatever leftovers I may have. Currently I’m using Yes To Cucumbers, which I tend to buy in bulk, they’re great and very gentle.
Evening skincare routine Bioderma, Clinique, Makeup Eraser, Guerlain
After that, I move into cleansing. I’m a very faithful fan of Clarisonic and have been using my Mia 2 for about 3 years now, pretty much every evening. I strongly believe that it did help me improve the look of my skin over time and it gives me a deep clean feeling that I really like. I don’t feel like it’s stripping my face or is too harsh, I’ve only ever been using sensitive brush head with it. I love it and cannot be without. Cleanser, on the other hand, is not something I feel too strongly about. At the moment, I’m using the one from La Roche-Posay Effaclar and I like it ok. Once this is done, I have some other ones already waiting in the queue (like this one from Sunday Riley that I grabbed on sale!)  but the point is, I haven’t quite come across a cleanser that would knock my socks off. I also don’t feel like spending a lot of money on it, after all, it washes off with water and it’s gone. Personally, I’d rather invest in a serum or a cream that stays on my skin for longer and does something good. It may just be me though.

Clarisonic Mia2, La Roche Posay, Sunday Riley
Anyway, face washed, I now get on to one of the night time treatments. Currently I have three in rotation and I have to say, all three of them have become my absolute favourites. I like to try a new product on its own first, to see what it does when it’s not supported by anything else, and all of these have been tested separately too. Mainly because I want to know if it’s worth investing money in a long run and I feel like mixing products doesn’t quite give me an idea of what actually works and what doesn’t. I’ve been using Alpha H Liquid Gold for about two years and absolutely love it!! Then, earlier this year Sunday Riley ‘Luna’ came to my life and again, I fell in love. Shortly after that, I discovered REN Wake Wonderful Nigh Time Facial and for now, I am totally sorted when it comes to night time treatments. They all seem to work great for me. I use Liquid Gold about 3 times per week, on its own, no moisturiser, no serum. I use the other two products in pretty much the same way. REN treatment gives me enough moisture to be used on its own and I like to apply Luna directly on my clean face, to allow it to work. I’m not too big on layering one product on top of another. That’s because I have oily combo skin and don’t need any extra moisturiser for the most part.

Sunday Riley 'Luna', Alpha H liquid Gold and REN Wake Wonderful
Face is done, I now move onto the eye area. Currently I have one eye cream that I repurchased number of times and I really like it. Simply because I see the difference when I use it. It’s the Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus. As much as I don’t feel the need to heavily moisturise my face, I feel like my eye area does need a bit of a moisture infusion and this cream is just about right. Not too heavy and not too light, the texture is perfect. I do have some eye creams on my wish list, so will get something else once this pot is clean, but no doubt, I will get back to using it sooner or later. Really good stuff.
On those ‘bad skin’ days, when I happen to have an unwanted friend appear anywhere on my face, and I want it jolly well gone, I treat it with Origins Super Spot Remover. It’s great at reducing the inflammation over night, but it’s also quite drying, so has to be applied in a very thin layer and directly on the spot. I also like to use a lip scrub about twice-three times a week and currently using Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Love.

Origins, Clinique Repar laser focus, Charlotte Tilbury
Now, the only thing to mention are face masks. I try to be good and use one around the mid week and the other at the weekend. I don’t want to go much into details of exactly what masks I use, as there will be a separate post on these, but I thought I’d mention it here, since it is part of my evening skincare.

It may seem like a lot of products to some people, or very few to others, each to their own. I think it’s fairly straightforward and I have a good amount to rotate and ensure my skin doesn’t get used to one specific product or ingredient. Once I get into testing some new skincare, I put the current ones, or at least some of them, aside for a little while, letting the newbie do the ‘talking’. That’s how I personally see if something works for me. Have you got any Holy Grail nigh time skincare products?