When I think of MAC products in general, it immediately reminds me of when I was young (er) and about to start exploring the crazy world of makeup.  It was one of the first brands that I gravitated towards, probably because there was every eyeshadow colour that I could possibly imagine at the time, and every lipstick shade that I could think of in one place, right in from of me, and it just felt like a playground….and it still does to this day… some things never change.

I have gone through some shadows, some lipstick, powders and other MAC items in the past, most of which I would thoroughly recommend and some of which I still repurchase. But, over the years I switched on to some other brands as well, simply because it’s hard not to, being surrounded by so many of them. Having said that, one of the products that I will always be using, and going back to MAC for, are their lipsticks.

I have been loving MAC lipsticks for as long as I can remember. They have some of my favourite formulas and shades, tried and tested, some of which I repurchased twice or more, as they’re just simply staples in my lipstick collection. I do own a fare share of lipsticks, probably more than any reasonable human being should ever own at any given time, however, I am still not the worst culprit out there…

We all know it takes some time to go through a lipstick. I try (I really do…) to be reasonable enough not to accumulate too many. I know, it’s almost impossible not to be tempted sometimes. But the last thing I want to do is to end up throwing them away because they smell bad, or the formula is not quite as it should be any more. Just remember, that whatever is on your lips, you end up ‘consuming’ to some extend, so make sure all your lippies are still ‘good enough to eat’ if that makes sense. Anyway, I digress.

Mac Lipsticks

I think I have tried all of the finishes over the years and worked out which ones I like the most. My favourite of all are cream sheen, amplified, glaze and lustre. My lips are on a dry side for the most part, so I prefer lipsticks that are not too drying and feel comfortable to wear. Although I do use a lip balm underneath for drier formulas if need be, so it’s not a big deal. Most of the colours I constantly repurchase are the ‘no-fuss’, easy to wear, everyday shades that go with any makeup, any outfit, every time and in most cases don’t require mirror to reapply. That’s what I like about them. Out of so many shades and formulas, there is a ‘favourite’ lipstick for everyone, regardless of complexion, skin condition, dryness, etc.

So here are my favourites. Starting with more natural, nude shades, ones that I use most often and tend to carry one or the other with me in my makeup bag, wherever I go. Some of these I repurchased number of times, and in fact, this is the reason why this blog post even came to existence, as I have just recently bought a few of the shades again, so I though I would share my favourites with you.

Mac Cosmetics lipstick swatches

Blankety – Soft pink beige (Amplified Creme)

Hue – Soft pink (Glaze)

High Tea – Beige with pearl (Lustre)

Politely Pink – dirty, light pink (Lustre)

Mac Lipsticks swatches and review

Supreme Style – Pinky coral  – this one has a different, more moisturising formula and different packaging

Shy Girl – Cream beige (Creemesheen)

Crème D’Nude – pale peach beige (Creemesheen)

Creme Cup – light pink  (Creemesheen)

Mac Cosmetics lipsticks review and swatches

Viva Glam V – Neutral Pink with pearl (Lustre)

Plumful – Plummy rose (Lustre)

Please Me – Muted rosy pink (Matte)

Mac Lipsticks swatches and review

Snob – light neutral pink (Satin)

Hal N’Half – Creamy Pink (Amplified Cream)

Costa Chic – light coral (Frost)

That’s all of my MAC lipstick faves. I do have two more, but they were bought from Limited Edition collection and the shades are not available any more. I am glad that what I’m actually left with are the shades that I genuinely like and use. Either every day, or on special occasion, I reach for all of them very often and really enjoy them. So, what are your favourite MAC lippies?

Available at Mac Cosmetics, Selfridges, House of Fraser, Debenhams