I guess the word ‘classic’ can mean different things to different people. What’s considered classic and timeless by me, may not necessarily be that to you. But there are items both in our makeup collection as well as our wardrobes that most of us would consider timeless classic because they never age and don’t depend on changing fashion trends. They have been and will always be trendy and classy.

Mainly because of that, if there is any item worth splurging on, it’s one of the classic pieces that you know will last in your wardrobe for years to come, will always look chic, effortless and fashionable and goes perfectly with majority of items you normally wear. I am by no means a fashion expert, but I love simple, easy, classic looks, so here are some of my timeless classics of fashion and makeup.

Nail Polish

For me personally, if it’s classic, it’s always black or red. There is just simply no other option. I have gone though numerous bottles of both colours in the past and these are the only two colours that I buy over and over again, just because I absolutely love them and use them most often. I feel most comfortable wearing either ‘I mean business’ kind of red, or ‘edgy, badass, do not mess with me’ black. Both go with whatever outfit I wear and look stunning. Not the easiest colours to work with but totally worth it. My favourites are from Essie, YSL, or more recent addition from Christian Louboutin.

Classic pieces nail polish black YSL and red Louboutin and Essie


No other option here. Red all the way. Yes, it can be intimidating, yes, it takes a while to get used to originally, but once you do, you rock it. All you need is a minimal eye makeup to let the lips do the talking and there is nothing more beautiful than a gentle, soft makeup with red lip to give it some life. Red lipstick makes your skin and your eyes stand out. It’s one of the most difficult colours to maintain in perfect condition, but something’s gotta give. Some of my absolute favourites are from Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution ‘Red carpet Red’, Tom Ford ‘ Diego’ or Christian Louboutin Sheer Voile in ‘Rouge Louboutin’. It may take a while until you find the perfect shade that best suits your complexion and that you feel comfortable wearing, but do give it a go. You’d be surprised how great it will make you feel. For some extra help and encouragement, I suggest you read ‘Pretty Honest’ by Sali Hughes. There is a lot of useful tips about choosing red lipstick and lots of other amazing information.

Red lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury, Tom Ford and Christian Louboutin

Leather Jacket

It doesn’t matter if it’s the biker style or just a classic cut. Leather jacket will always be in fashion. When I say leather jacket, I have in mind the black one, as that’s the only one I personally own, but it doesn’t have to be black.  Cream, grey  to even red leather looks beautiful paired with jeans and accessorised with some jewellery. Leather jackets can be expensive, but it’s one of those items worth investing in, as it will last for ages and will never get boring. Have a look at Asos, All Saints, Top Shop or Zalando.

Classic leather jacket


Finding a perfect fitting pair of jeans can be a real challenge sometimes. There’s so many styles out there, each of them giving a different kind of look. I personally like skinny jeans for ankle boots and heels, as well as bootcut jeans for flats as well as heels, because they makes me look slimmer. I also love the look of distressed, boyfriend jeans for a very casual but still put together outfit. If you know what your ideal type is and what you feel most comfortable wearing, or perhaps you’ve got your favourite brand (Levis and Zara are my faves), then you’re sorted. If you’re still looking for this perfect pair , don’t give up and make sure you don’t buy online. I’m a massive advocate of online shopping in general and probably 90% of my wardrobe was bought online, but not the jeans, never, unless I already know they will fit. Otherwise, make sure you try them, until you find this perfect pair that hugs your figure in all the right places and feels comfortable to wear every day. Seriously, it’s worth the search.

Classics jeans

Plain T-shirt

If you like simple, effortless, classic look that is always easy to put together, then a plain tee is one of the Must Haves in your wardrobe. It’s a perfect partner for any trousers, skirts, any shoes, from trainers to heels, anything really, that you choose to wear. Add  a bit of jewellery and you’re good to go. Doesn’t matter if you prefer V-neckline, boatneck, pockets, no pockets, straight cut or round cut, they all make a very classic fashion piece. My favourites are from TopShop, Zara, New Look and Asos.  If you don’t mind spending a bit more, then brands like J Crew or Splendid do really good quality ones.

Classic tee black white or grey

Little Black Dress

There is no question about the most classic wardrobe piece that every woman should have at least one of. The Little black dress. Introduced to the world of fashion by Coco Chanel and made even more famous by Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, little black dress has its own history going back to 1920s and its own firmly established status when it comes to fashion classics. It’s a perfect outfit for any occasion, you just cannot go wrong with it. They come in different shapes and sizes and they don’t necessarily have to be mini type dresses. Mid or long length looks just as chic and classic, whatever suits your figure. Top Shop, Debenhams, Misguided or Asos have some really good ones.

Little Black Dress

Heels / court shoes

You know what they say, ‘I close the deals in heels’… Regardless if you wear them to work or as part of casual outfit, heels always look good and make our legs look just that little bit longer and slimmer. I’m not talking about sky scrapers that make your entire feet go vertical, no no. I’m talking reasonable, gentle, still wearable, sexy heel. Now I know ‘wearable’ means kitten heel for some people, or the highest heel you can imagine for others, each to their own. I am somewhere in between, leaning closer towards kitten heel… Whichever option you choose, make sure they are somewhat comfortable and most importantly that you can easily walk in them, without any effort. Sweating and struggling to keep legs straight is really not worth the hassle and looks anything but classy… As long as your heels are correct height, they will serve you right and look very chic and sexy, whatever you decide to wear. Dune , Kurt Geiger, Missguided, or Boohoo have some really good selection.

Classic black and cream pumps/heels


White shirt

Yet another effortless piece of fashion that can be worn with anything and dressed up or down. It doesn’t get any easier than a plain white shirt, regardless if you’re dressing up for a business meeting or throwing on your fave pair of distressed jeans and converse and running for a girl’s brunch. Depending on the style of the shirt, it can be layered with one of the classic tees underneath and left unbuttoned, which gives it more of a fresh, casual feel. If it’s more fitted, wear it tucked into skinny jeans, with some heels and perhaps a colourful scarf to make the outfit more interesting. I found some really good ones over at Net-a-porter, New Look, Boohoo and Asos.

white shirt

If you’re looking at twisting things in your wardrobe a little bit for this coming season, have a look around first. It may be that you already own some of the classics that may just need adding few new accessories or putting it together in different way that you used to do so far. One thing is for sure, you cannot go wrong with a ‘classic’. So, what is your classic piece of fashion or makeup?