Smith & Cult Nail polish review

Smith & Cult Nailpolish review

Smith & Cult is a relatively new brand on UK market, I have only heard some reviews on YouTube so far, so when I saw their nail polishes became available here, I had to try them.  The brand was created by Dineh Mohair, the founder of the well know on US market cosmetic brand, Hard Candy. Each of the nail polish colours is inspired by the the way she sees the world and colours around her.

The colours are really gorgeous and the names… well, unconventional to say the least and very different for sure. No to mention beautiful bottles which look like a statement decoration wherever you place them. With their assymetric, purposely dented and looking less than perfect but yet very perfect silver caps…I love the design of their large bottles and both of mine are standing proudly where I can see them waiting for collection to grow…  and I feel like it will very soon.

Rimmel Nude Collection nail polishes

Rimmel Nail Polish – Dare to go bare!

Rimmel released another one of their Kate Moss collaboration, this time of Nude lipsticks and nail polishes. As a nude shade enthusiast, I had to get at least some of the colours. They must be very popular, since whenever I’m around Rimmel counter, some of the colours I had my eyes on are always out of stock… That’s the beauty of limited editions I guess…

The collection consists of 5 lipsticks out of which I bought 3, if you want to see the colours I chose and some swatches, click here to read my previous post. There is also 5 nail polishes all in beautiful nude hues from the very light, to darker shades. 

Dior Sunwashed 319 Nail Polish Review

Dior Sunwashed – Perfect Holiday Nail Polish

I may not be the person who creates artwork on my nails, I wish I could, don’t get me wrong, but I am just simply rubbish at it. Having said that, I love nail polish and I make it a point to apply a new fresh layer of polish on a weekly basis…

I appreciate formulas that last without major chipping for at least 4+ days as I only do my manicure once per week. It’s just the way it is. When I saw the colour of Dior Sunwashed 319, I was immediately drawn to it. Surprisingly, not only me, as I have been asked numerous times about what is on my nails. Although so light in colour, it catches the attention.

Deborah Lippmann Calypso Collection

Deborah Lippmann – Calypso Nail Polish Collection

Nail polish colour is definitely a seasonal choice for me.  There are those perfect ‘all year round’ colours of course, like classic red or impeccable black that will never depend on season, but some just simply scream summer, holiday, party, beach, barbecue and are best paired with summer dress or shorts than winter coat.

This little set is just that. It comes with two polishes, with cute, summery names. Flowers In Her Hair, is a pastel aqua green and Mermaid’s Dream is the darker green shade with some blue and gold sheeny particles. It’s not shimmer, so not one of those, ‘in your face’ polishes dedicated for a night out, no. This is a very subtle sheen which looks lovely and just right to make it an every day polish.

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