Earlier this year I promised myself that I will not be tempted by any of the holiday palettes and I will certainly not buy any, since the ones I got last year have definitely not been receiving as much love and attention as they should have. So I ‘dusted off’ my Too Faced Everything Nice Palette and placed Nars ‘Blame it on Nars’ check palette in a ‘strategic’ place, meaning right in front of me, so no excuses.

Everything was going well until I decided to, you know, just casually pop into Space NK. To pick up a candle. A girl needs a candle in her life for crying out loud…right?…Funny how the candle turned out to be the Last thing I actually turned towards during my visit. I’m surprised I even remembered the darned thing at all. This palette was just impossible to miss, (definitely strategically placed…can I even blame it on that?…) and it was staring right at me the minute I walked in. I think it’s safe to say that if you are a true makeup enthusiast, then your dictionary doesn’t contain words or phrases like ‘enough’, ‘restrain’, self control’, or ‘you still only have one face!’…Any regrets? Absolutely Not, and here’s why.

Nars Steven Klein 'One Shocking Moment' face palette

Let’s quickly talk about the packaging, because, quite frankly, it’s not the most usual looking makeup palette. It’s definitely very original and futuristic in it’s design, but all you need to do is google Steven Klein and have a look at his photography to understand what his style is all about. It’s far from normal, gentle, standard, usual photoshoots. Some of his work is very daring, provocative, very unconventional and in some cases I’d even say quite controversial. No wonder that the design on the palette is far from what you’d expect to see on a typical makeup item. To be honest, it took me a short while to get used to it, but it has been sitting on display since I bought it and I am really enjoying the look of it, so this collaboration definitely worked.

Nars 'One Shocking Moment' Steven Klein palette

But it’s not even the outside packaging that makes this palette, in my opinion, quite special. This is, by far, THE best put together face palette that Nars has come up with to date. Not only in terms of type of products but also the shades of them. It covers every angle, whether you want to highlight, contour, bronze or blush, or all of the above. I find all of the shades to be very wearable, the blushes are not too bright, the bronzer is not too dark. Having said that, it would probably be best for light-medium complexions, making sure you can use every single shade within it.

This really gives you the bang for your buck, and it is pretty much all you need to do a full face makeup using good quality products. Most importantly, they decided to lose the mini Ita brush on this occasion, which is great. I personally think it’s a waste of space in a palette and do not see what the fuss is all about here. I already have two of the minis and really do not have any desire of buying a palette with another one of them. I probably wouldn’t have bought this one had it also have the brush in there.

Nars 'One Shocking Moment' face palette
Mars One shocking moment face cheek palette limited edition
So let’s go through the pans. First up, the ‘Paloma’ contour and highlight duo. This is also available separately and I was contemplating trying it out, so I’m glad it got included here. I would have probably gone for the lightest shade called ‘Olympia’ as ‘Paloma’ is the middle shade of the three available, but I actually find it to be perfect match for my complexion. If you are fair, the contour shade may be a bit too dark for you though.
Below the contour duo are two gorgeous, pink toned blushes called ‘Robotic’ and ‘Blasphemy’. Beautifully pigmented, creamy, so you only need the smallest amount, both apply very smoothly.

The other side of the palette contains the very famous and well loved ‘Laguna’ bronzer. I already have a separate one of these, but this really is an amazing bronzer, so no harm having another little pan. I am personally really glad they didn’t put ‘Casino’ in this palette, as it’s way too dark for me for the most part. I can only really use it when I’m tanned, whereas Laguna is perfect for any day, any time. The bronzer pan is the largest and makes my large bronzer brush fit in there perfectly and picks up fair amount of product, making it more convenient to use (another positive of not wasting space for the brush).

Below are another two blushes, ‘Luster’ and ‘Dolce Vita’, this time both in more of a peachy tones. Again, creamy consistency, easy to apply, very pigmented so less is more when applying.

Nars Shocking Moment face palette

Nars Cheek Palette 'One Shocking moment'

I really love this palette and, as much as it probably sounds wrong, I am glad that my common sense decided to wait for me outside Space NK while I was shopping. Some would say it still hasn’t found me…Every single shade contained within it is beautiful and can be used for daily makeup. I have been using it constantly and could not be happier with the quality, colours and performance of it. With Christmas fast approaching ( I think it’s that time of the year when using the C word is now becoming socially acceptable although still a bit scary), this would be the perfect gift for any makeup lover or as a treat for yourself.

Which brings me nicely on to the last point. The Giveaways!!! I will be doing three giveaways in December (because it’s closer to Christmas and it makes it just that bit more exciting!). The first one will be revealed in the first weekend of December with the other two later on in the month until Christmas. This palette ( together with some other goodies) will definitely be in one of them, so stay tuned. The rules and details of how to enter will be revealed soon.

Available at Space NK, Sephora, Nars Cosmetics