November was mainly concentrated around my skincare regimen, because my skin apparently decided to give me a bit of grief since it’s been too good to me for months… I can’t live for too long without an occasional breakout, life would be way too boring…so I had plenty of it last month and still getting rid of the remnants.

There has been some other items too, that definitely stood out for me last month and that I have been using pretty much on a daily basis.  Some of them relatively new, others oldies but goodies. So with this very random mixture of products, let’s go through everything I’ve been loving in November… better later than never, right?…

So, let’s start with skincare.  I have relatively good skin with occasional breakout that usually disappears relatively quick, but I feel like change in temperature as well as sitting in an office with constant air con / heating has not been doing my skin any good. I also may or may not have indulged in some comfort food (read: crap tone of chocolate) during those dark and cold winter evenings…hmmm…Little wonder that my skin was going crazy for most of the month, and I had to give it more care and attention. There has been two skincare items that literally saved me and made the healing process much quicker.

Peter Thomas Roth and Origins

Peter Thomas Roth Therapeutic Sulfur Mask

This is an acne treatment masque which is designed to exfoliate dead skin cells, absorbs excess oil and provides deep pore cleansing. It’s a medicated masque with 10% sulfur (natural mineral known for curing skin conditions such as acne or eczema). I use a face masque of one type or another at least once a week, but this time, it was a matter of 3-4 times weekly. It tingles a bit while applying, but just for few seconds. With regular use, it cleared my skin really quick and I could see the results after each application. Highly recommended if you’re an acne sufferer, or just need something to fix your skin a bit quicker. Available at Sephora, Amazon, price seems to vary

Origins Super Spot Remover

This may be small, but it’s bloody mighty. I’d use it at nighttime, usually on alternate nights with the masque. It’s a spot treatment and it is really quite drying, so it has to be used and applied in moderation and centrally on the breakout, covering as little of the skin around it as possible. It gave me really good results overnight, noticeably shrinking breakouts. I’ve tried a number of spot treatments to date, but I’d say this is one of the best. With Christmas round the corner and perfect opportunity to overindulge in some more delicious food, I’ve got a feeling I will need these two miracle workers very soon… Item available at Boots, Feelunique, Sephora, at £15

Soap & Glory Righteous Butter

So let’s talk about the oldie but a very well loved goodie. Soap & Glory ‘Righteous Butter’. I have no idea how may of them I’ve gone through but if I don’t use it for a while, I actually really miss the scent, so it’s been a staple in my body care for years. The scent is amazing, warm, sweet, almost addictive and one that you just simply cannot get bored of. It’s not too thick but at the same time, very moisturising. I opened a new one early last month and have been using it constantly, twice a day. I have some body lotions that I was hoping to finish first, but this one was just too tempting to wait!! LOOOVE IT!! Available at Boots, Soap & Glory, at £10

Victor & Rolf Bon Bon

Speaking of scents, especially the addictive ones, this little Bon Bon from Victor and Rolf stole my heart the minute I rubbed the magazine sample on myself  (classy, I know…) I am a sucker for sweet scents during winter and I’ve been using it for the entire month without switching, which for me, is unlikely. I like to change my perfumes every week or two, but I just could not put this one down. I have done a more detailed review on it some time ago, together with some other scents I’m loving for winter, so check it out Here if you want more details. Honestly, such a beautiful perfume. Available at Boots, Debenhams, John Lewis, Selfridges, price starts at £50 for 30ml bottle, also available in sets.

Christian Louboutin Nailpolish

nails Louboutin red polish

I’ve recently done a review on ridiculously expensive Christian Louboutin lipsticks. This is yet another item in the category of crazy expensive – his nail polish. Considering that it can actually be used as a weapon of self defence, once could say that you shouldn’t really put a price on it… but it’s still just a nail polish… Having said that, this is what I’ve been wearing most of last month and it’s exactly what I like my nail polish to be. No fuss, very easy to apply (despite the mile long and quite intimidating handle), and most importantly, it lasts the entire week with hardly any chipping. Red is my fave nail polish colour of all times and with a bit of glitter it’s easy to make it more of a festive manicure, so I will be using it this month too. I’m planning to do a review of the colours I have, so more details and swatches coming soon. Item retails at £36 and is available at Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Sephora, Nordstrom,

Nars 'One Shocking Moment' face palette

I only have one item of makeup (surprisingly!!) that specifically stood out for me last month. It’s the NARS collaboration with Steven Klein ‘One Shocking Moment’ face palette. I won’t go into details on this one, as I’ve done a review on it recently, but this has been my go-to palette ever since I bought it. It’s a great reminder how amazing ‘Laguna’ bronzer is. I do have a separate one, but it’s been just so easy to use it from the palette, together with contour and blushes, all in one. Perfection. Speaking of which, I am giving one of these beauties, as well as some other goodies away, check my post Here, to find out more about my Xmas giveaway and how to enter.  Item retails at £45 and is available at   Space NK, Nars Cosmetics,

Necklaces 1

Lastly, some accessories. I have been really into longer pendants and have been wearing these more often lately. I like to pair them with polo necks, classic shirt and jacket, chunky jumpers or just a casual t-shirt. They go pretty much with most of my outfits and add a bit of edge to the look, while still being relatively subtle. I have also been playing with layering them with other, shorter ones, and have to say, I am really enjoying some combinations. From very basic designs, like the one from Zara, to more unusual, statement ones, long necklaces are a way to make a simple outfit much more interesting and fashionable.

The one on the left is from Zara at £9.99 and the one on the right is a very old one I’ve had for years, but here is something a bit like it from Etsy

Long Necklace 2


These two again, I had for a long time and have no idea where they were from, the one on the right was a gift, and is really quite unusual…but something similar to the one on the right, in sliver could be found on Debenhams, Asos, House of Fraser,

I hope you enjoyed this bit of November randomness. What were your monthly faves last month? Have you got any products worth recommending? Share and comment below xxx