Anastasia Beverly Hills World Traveller

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Shadow Couture World Traveller Eyeshadow Palette

Anndd breathe!!!

Anastasia has recently launched yet another eyeshadow palette and it became available on the UK market about three or so weeks ago. It was out of stock faster than you could repeat the whole name of it….

So it probably makes you wonder why am I making a review of a product that is no longer in stock? I want you to know if it’s worth waiting for when it becomes available again, because it is coming back and it’s a limited edition.

I have been an owner of two Anastasia palettes for a while now so when I saw this one, it was a given for me, I had to have it. I love the colours and I am already familiar with the eyeshadow quality that Anastasia has to offer, so it was an easy choice.

Make Up Eraser

MakeUp Eraser – A Revolution in MakeUp Removal?

I have seen some reviews of this little pink cloth here and there but for some reason it felt a bit meeehhh and I wasn’t really convinced it could be something I would be comfortable using. It just didn’t speak to me enough, if I can put it this way. Also, having already found my holy grail makeup remover, I found it very unlikely that this ‘invention’ could in any way shape or form replace a tried and tested product.

Fast forward few months, while browsing a website looking at some pretty makeup I do not yet own (as some of us makeup addicts inevitably do…) I came across this again. I thought, why not try, if I don’t like it, the least I can do is write about it. So I am. Except, I actually happen to like it…a lot.

On Call makeup bag - Jerry Hall

Charlotte Tilbury & Norman Parkinson Collections – Review of my picks

This must have been, by far, the most exciting and highly anticipated makeup collection of this year so far. Some faithful Charlotte Tilbury fans, myself included, were ready to click these ‘Buy’ buttons as soon as the collection became available early June this year…

So let’s talk packaging, shall we? Yes I know, that is not why you’re supposed to buy makeup, but in this case, hell yeah it is!! This is a piece of history, iconic images that come from Norman Parkinson’s archive and were featured on the cover of Vogue back in the 70s.

Tom Ford Bronzer Review

Tom Ford Bronzers, Terra & Gold Dust

My bronzer addicted self could not have possibly missed the opportunity to add these beauties to my collection!!

Both bronzers are part of  the Tom Ford permanent collection, but as part of summer release, they have now been dressed in white and gold packaging as opposed to standard mahogany. They also come wrapped in white velvet pouch…

These sleek, very sophisticated yet very simple white cases won me over eventually. I much prefer them in this light, summery version. It will surely add a touch of luxury to any vanity table or makeup collection.

Rimmel Nude Lipsticks - Kate-Moss Collection

Rimmel goes all nude this summer

I haven’t been so excited about a new lipstick launch for a while now and the fact it is a nude collection sealed the deal for me.

Although I like to play with colour when makeup is concerned, including lips, I feel most comfortable on a daily basis wearing a nude lip. It allows me to put a slightly heavier accent on my eyes and it is just more practical, easy to reapply during the day, or on the go.

Dior Sunwashed 319 Nail Polish Review

Dior Sunwashed – Perfect Holiday Nail Polish

I may not be the person who creates artwork on my nails, I wish I could, don’t get me wrong, but I am just simply rubbish at it. Having said that, I love nail polish and I make it a point to apply a new fresh layer of polish on a weekly basis…

I appreciate formulas that last without major chipping for at least 4+ days as I only do my manicure once per week. It’s just the way it is. When I saw the colour of Dior Sunwashed 319, I was immediately drawn to it. Surprisingly, not only me, as I have been asked numerous times about what is on my nails. Although so light in colour, it catches the attention.

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