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Book Club – ‘Me before You’ by Jojo Moyes

I’ve been reading books ever since I remember. My first ever book I read was ‘Anne of Green Gables’ and I literally inhaled the entire collection of what must have been twelve or more books. I was probably about ten years old. Nowadays it’s a bit harder to find time to properly sit down with cup of tea and good book and just relax and unwind that way. So reading has become a part of my everyday commute to and from work. Time goes much quicker and what would often be a frustrating and tiring commute turns into a bit of an enjoyable ‘me time’ instead.

In today’s world of ebooks, ITunes and Audible, I still think there is nothing better that the good old paperback. There’s just something really calming and almost old fashioned in turning book pages. Having said all that, I currently own just a handful of books. Most of them are on my IPhone, for two reasons. Because I have no space in the flat to store them and because it’s just simply more convenient when reading on the go. Today’s technology allows us to always be able to find time to read (or to listen for that matter). Whether we’re driving (that’s when Audible comes in handy), cleaning the house or just commuting. So I thought I’d share some books I’d recommend, in case you’re in need of a new one.

Stripes in fashion

Crazy for stripes…

I’m definitely one of those people who looks at her wardrobe thinking ‘I have so much stuff yet nothing to wear! Why!!’. I know I’m not alone here. Whenever I go shopping, I often buy something because I just simply like it, without considering what exactly am I going to wear it with. Can I pair it with what I already own? Is it going to go with my most worn pieces? Am I still going to like it next year, and most importantly, is it comfortable and do I like how it looks on me? Not on the model…Me!

My wardrobe got hit pretty seriously during this season’s spring cleaning and I successfully managed to remove everything that shouldn’t have been there at first place, all the ‘what the heck were you thinking’ purchases, things I wasn’t wearing at all or not often enough to justify keeping it, that didn’t fit me any more… you get the gist. I gained much more space and apart from the feeling of serious accomplishment and satisfaction for finishing a somewhat mammoth task, I also understood what I should and should not be investing in when it comes to wardrobe choices to keep it simple yet still have good selection of outfits.

April Favourites, Oribe, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Becca Cosmetics

March & April Faves

I seem to have skipped my March faves post so will try to combine the past two months without making this post a mile long. March and April were mainly about rediscovering products that I abandoned for a while either because I was using something else, or because I felt like something didn’t work for me they way I hoped it would. Having more time recently to play with makeup a bit more, I realised that I have some really kick ass products in my stash that have been wasting away! Sometimes it’s not about the product being bad, but the way we use it!

I also recently got a few new accessories which I’ve been really loving and enjoying over the last month. Somehow I seem to have transitioned from large handbags to smaller ones and have really been enjoying carrying some of the small ones lately, so that’s the main reason I wanted some accessories that are small but compact enough to fit all my necessities.

Spring body overhaul

After a pretty long break and some technical glitches, I’m kicking it all back again with a slightly different post this time. There is something about spring that makes us more determined to go back to our best shape and start dieting or working out again. Unless you’re lucky enough to have strong willpower to do this all year round, which is great and I envy the heck out of you. I’m not that kind of person. It’s easy for me to get out of my workout and eating healthy routine during winter, when the weather is horrible, I can get away with few extra pounds hidden underneath heavy winter coat or chunky jumpers and I need some (read: A lot of) ‘comfort me’ food during that time. So all is forgiven…right?!

Spring, however, is the best time to start thinking and acting healthy again towards losing those extra few pound. I feel like it’s just naturally easier to do. The sun is coming out more often, the day is longer, there is more fresh fruit and veg on the market, not to mention there is extra motivation in upcoming holiday season, for those of us who want to get this bikini body back on track…

Empty product review St.Tropez, Sanctuary Spa, Balea, The Body Shop, Sisley, Clinique and Bourjois

Empties – products I used up and mini reviews

I know I’ve just literally posted my first Empties not that long ago and it may look like I’ll be doing one blog post a month about products I’ve used up, but that’s not quite the case. Ever since I cleaned up my space and got rid of some out of date items (surprisingly, there were’t that many), I really wanted to ensure I used up everything I have open and in rotation before I go ahead using another product.

I love trying new skincare and body care items, just as much as I enjoy trying new makeup and for the most part, I’m really good with finishing products. I use a heck of everything I have, be it moisturiser, body lotion, face masks and what not. That’s really the only way to check if something works or not, just by using it regularly. So here’s a second ‘Empties’ post containing some products I used up.

Marc Jacobs Bronzer Brush and Foundation Buffing Brush

Marc Jacobs makeup brushes – worth the splurge?!

I’ve been staring at this Marc Jacobs bronzer brush for ages, watching reviews, reading blog posts etc, but since it was only available in US, I never actually took the plunge to order it for some reason. For me, any makeup related purchases fall into three categories. One that you know you REALLY want as soon as you see it, (even though you may not need it), ones that you like but perhaps not as much to spend money on it and ones that are just simply meh, do nothing for you, so you just don’t bother.

Well, let me tell you, this darn brush was definitely in the first category and I knew I wanted it for so long, that when the line finally became available in UK’s Harrods, there was no stopping me! Of course my curiosity has no limits so I also picked up another brush alongside, which, although not planned,  turned out to be a pretty good investment.

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