February Favourites

February favourites – makeup, accessory and more

I have to admit I wasn’t too adventurous last month when it comes to makeup as such. I find that sometimes it very much depends on what is happening around me and how my thoughts are occupied with something else rather than what eyeshadow selection I will choose or in fact what makeup I feel like doing. So I pretty much stuck to one eyeshadow palette, but oh, what a bomb of a palette it is!!

Early in the month I discovered a new scent, which I totally fell head over heels in love with and cannot be without now. I think it’s a very strong contender to become my signature or at least end up in my top 5 most loved scents Ever…Yeah, that good.

ASOS haul

ASOS clothing haul

Today’s post was meant to be a completely different one and I wasn’t really prepared to do a haul, especially my very first clothing haul, as I haven’t done one on my blog yet. But I recently ordered few things from ASOS and got it all delivered today, so I thought I may as well snap some pics as I’m trying it on and perhaps give you some idea if you’re up for a spot of online shopping (who isn’t??!)

My style has always been very simple. I like to buy items I can wear in many different ways and match with many different things, layer it, making it casual or more formal, depending on occasion. So most of my wardrobe consists of simple tops, jeans and black skinny trousers, jackets (loads of jackets!!) and plenty of blouses of a different kind. Anything I wear on a daily basis must be comfortable and that is a priority. So have a look at my recent picks and I hope you don’t mind some weird face expressions…

Makeup Geek shadows

My customised Makeup Geek eyeshadow palette + swatches

The amount of YouTube videos I watched about Makeup Geek eyeshadows was more than enough for me to know that I wanted to create my very own selection. The only problem was, they were only available in US, up until recently, when Beauty Bay finally got us, UK makeup fanatics, equipped with full selection of MG gorgeousness.

I had an empty large Z palette, just waiting for some goodies to be thrown in there, so over a period of time, I would order a few shadows here and there and eventually filled up the palette with the most beautiful selection of eye shadows (well, to me anyway).

Hourglass Strobe lighting powders

Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting powders – review and swatches

Hourglass has always been a brand I can trust when it comes to their powders and I’ve been a fan for a very long time. It’s one of those products that are easy to use, virtually impossible to overdo and add this ‘something’ to the skin and look that you can’t quite put your finger on, but you do see the difference.

I have quite a few of their powders that I use on a daily basis, alternating between them, using singles as well as palettes. I love how effortless the application is. So when these new strobing powders were released I literally couldn’t wait to get them. There isn’t too many new releases that get me so excited. I quickly booked myself for a consultation with an Hourglass sales assistant hoping to get two out of four shades.

Diptyque Rosa Viola candle

Diptyque ‘Rosa Viola’ candle

I’ve always been a massive candle lover, to the point that I have a candle or two burning at home on a daily basis. I just really enjoy the ambience, warmth, coziness, relaxing atmosphere and not to mention very often an amazing scent that candles give. You just simply can’t go wrong with a candle if you want to ‘elevate your mood’, unwind and relax surrounded by beautiful and sophisticated scent.

There is a lot of brands that make beautiful candles and Diptyque is just one of them. Their candles are such a treat and I don’t burn them every day, I wish I could, but let’s face it, they’re very luxurious, quite potent and therefore really expensive. I find that they last for such a long time that I can justify the expense and treat myself once in a while. My favourites are Violette, Baies, Mimosa and now Rosa Viola…

Too Faced Chocolate Bob Bon

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon palette – review & swatches

There are some items of makeup that you know you have to have in your life as soon as you see them. There is just simply no other way! Especially if it’s a limited edition and I know I will be kicking myself for not getting it afterwards and only being able to feast my eyes, and drool a bit too, over all those pretty pictures on Instagram. The truth is, if you’re normal, then you probably don’t have this problem. I’ve never claimed to be normal, so here’s my excuse…

On a more serious note, I already have the Chocolate Bar original and Semi Sweet palettes and I love them both, so getting this one was pretty much a done deal. The shades selection is very different from the other two palettes and don’t even get me started on the Oh So cute packaging and most importantly… the chocolatey scent!!!

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