Majority of my blog posts have been makeup related lately and there haven’t been as much skincare. The main reason is not because I’m not using any (I have a crap tone of it and I love testing new products) but because I think to review any skincare product I need to try and test it for much longer than makeup. I wouldn’t rush with the review here and personally, not sure if I’d trust a review that was formed after a very short time of using a product (depending on the product) but that may just be me.

Another reason is that very rarely do I come across skincare item that seriously impresses me and makes visible and noticeable difference to my skin. Even some products that are raved about by others sometimes tend to be just ok on me, nothing to write home about. I also haven’t come across anything (so far) that would cause some serious damage, breakout, allergic reaction or whatnot, to be able to warn you against using it. I know we all have different skin and it’s very personal how skincare performs on us, but I don’t feel I need to do a post about something that it just…meh. This product though, is definitely Not meh…Far from it!

A bit of an insight into my skin first, so you have some point of reference. I served me well for 32 years, it’s combination oily, with occasional breakouts always around my chin and nose area. It’s not particularly delicate or sensitive to new products. Other than an occasional pimple that may appear due to use of something new, there is nothing else that I need to be particularly aware of. I have never had an allergic reaction to any specific ingredient. I have some discolouration (sun spots) around my forehead that get more visible as soon as tiny ray of sun shines on it, but that’s my own stupidity that I’m paying for. I have used a lot of products in the past and am now using some that are definitely worth mentioning in future posts because they actually DO make a difference. This one is a good start because when you look at your face in the mirror (Before applying all layers of makeup) and are able to say  ‘How you doooinnn’ that means it’s done something right. Right?!
REN wake wonderful facial

This is a leave-on night treatment that is meant to be applied over your serum and before moisturiser. It can be used alone, which is what I do, as I feel it gives me just enough hydration, but this will depend on your skin type. If you skin’s very dry, you may need to follow with moisturiser, as this is quite lightweight in texture. 2-3 pumps should cover the face and neck, so it will last for a long time. It’s recommended to be used at least 2-3 times per week, I use it about 4-5 times. It may tingle a little upon application, but nothing too uncomfortable. The main purpose is to leave the skin looking brighter, even-toned and more refined. It works in three steps: first acid/enzyme complex works to exfoliate and brighten, then Glycogen and Magnesium boosts skin cells and then Sodium Lactate rejuvenates and provides moisture. It has a very gentle, pleasant scent to it.

REN Skincare Wake Wonderful Night Facial

This all sounds great, but I always approach such promises with a level of disbelief, so when I looked at myself in the mirror one morning, literally after few uses, I was very pleasantly surprised. My skin really looked noticeably brighter and smoother and it even managed to significantly reduce some breakouts I had at the time. As a result, makeup application was much easier and I felt like I needed less foundation and concealer, which is great! I am really, Really impressed with this product. It hasn’t completely removed my discolouration, I didn’t think it would anyway, but it did brighten it quite a bit and I am very happy with the result.

REN skincare wake wonderful facial

I’ve gone through a reasonably sized sample first, which is what made me buy it at first place, now I’m getting to the end of my first full size tube and had to get a backup because, honestly, I really want to keep this as part of my skincare routine. It’s very pleasant to apply, comes with a pump, so hygienic and easy to dispense, provides visible results and I am loving my skin even more since I started using it, so this is definitely a keeper. It retails at £32 and it is worth every penny. Available at Space NK, Cult Beauty, REN Skincare, Sephora, Feelunique. Please always read the information provided and, as recommended, do a patch test if need be before use.