Rimmel released another one of their Kate Moss collaboration, this time of Nude lipsticks and nail polishes. As a nude shade enthusiast, I had to get at least some of the colours. They must be very popular, since whenever I’m around Rimmel counter, some of the colours I had my eyes on are always out of stock… That’s the beauty of limited editions I guess…

The collection consists of 5 lipsticks out of which I bought 3, if you want to see the colours I chose and some swatches, click here to read my previous post. There is also 5 nail polishes all in beautiful nude hues from the very light, to darker shades. 

I decided to get two, ‘Gentle Kiss’ which is a cream nude and ‘Sensual Spice’ which is a dark brown with tiny, subtle specks of gold that beautifully catch the sun.

I’ve already had some Rimmel polishes before, so I know the formula is really good and these are just the same. Long wearing, easy to apply, large applicator brush, which I prefer. Although I always apply two layers of any polish, if you’re pressed for time, you can get away with just one for the darker shades, like the Sensual Spice. For me, there is hardly any light coloured nail polish that can get away with just one layer to give the complete opacity, so I wouldn’t do that with ‘Gentle Kiss’ but two layers is really no big deal if the polish dries as quickly.

Rimmel Nail Polish Kate Moss Nude


‘Gentle Kiss’ looks very natural and is one of those colours that would be perfect for days when you may not exactly fancy anything vampy dark on your nails, but you still want them to be done. Same with the other light nudes in the collection. There is plenty of similar shades from other brands, so it’s not exactly unique, but I would still recommend for the formula and a price point which is always a bonus.

I’m particularly happy with the ‘Sensual Spice’ as I don’t own anything similar. This is the one I had to try as soon as I got it.  Considering the colour is dark and less forgiving, it still requires very little maintenance or touch ups. I find Rimmel nail polishes in general very long lasting, so 5+ days is a really good result, especially if, like me, you only do your manicure once a week (for the most part anyway).


Rimmel Kate Moss nail polish in Sensual Spice


Overall, the entire Nude collection, both lipsticks and polishes, is really worth recommending. Everyday colours, easy to apply, easy to wear, can’t go wrong.

If you can still get your hand on it, give it a go, pick your favourite colours.

The Nailpolish retails at RRP £4.49

The collection is still available at some of these outlets