I really don’t know how I always get sucked into getting another eyeshadow palette!!! The last thing I need is more shadows and I know I sound a bit like a broken record here, but there always seems to be something I want to try! (cries inside..) Especially since I don’t own any of the Tarte shadows and heard a lot of good stuff about them.

Anyway, I decided to pick up this palette from Tarte’s most recent collection, rainforest of the sea. I have to say, it was close call between this one and the Tartlette in Bloom, which I think is absolutely gorgeous too, but I was drawn to this one just a little bit more by the packaging and a lot more by the colour selection, so here it is.

Tarte Rainforest of the sea collection

It’s nice to have a shadow palette in a round shape for a change (yes, those little things in life do make me happy, what can I say!) and this one is really cute. I believe the pattern on the front is meant to resemble waves and is kept in blue and purple shades with gold details. There’s a large, full size mirror inside and selection of eight neutral eyeshadows. The packaging is very well made, sturdy and would be perfect for travelling to keep shadows secure. It’s also limited edition, so when it’s gone it’s gone (always gets me this one…!!!).

I do have a lot of neutral shadows, don’t get me wrong, but for obvious reason, if I’m ever to buy another item of makeup, be it a shadow palette, lipstick or what not, I will pick neutral, easy to wear, everyday shades for the most part. I just feel like I can rotate them without having to limit it to specific occasions. I want to be able to pick it up on a daily basis, whenever I want, and use it, so I can get my moneys worth. I do have enough palettes which are mainly for ‘pop of colour’ purposes and I don’t think you’ll see me showing any new colourful, vibrant pink, blue, green or what not, eyeshadows any time soon. It’s just not what I gravitate towards on a daily basis.

Tarte eyeshadows Rainforest of the sea

This one is perfect for day to night, as it can be sheered out for minimal daytime makeup or darkened up for nighttime too. The way I’ve been enjoying it the most so far, is using shade ‘cove’ in my crease (it’s matte so perfect for that), ‘sand’ to highlight my brow bone ( that’s the second and last matte shade in the palette, rest of them are metallic finish). I use shades ‘mermaid’, ‘seashell’ and ‘wave’ mostly to cover the mobile lid and ‘reef’ or ‘abyss’ to darken up the outside corner of my eye and the crease, which is something I really like doing and I think it looks good on me. I use ‘starfish’ either on the lid if I’m going for a slightly darker look, or in the crease and outside corner for very soft makeup.

I’ve only had this palette for about two weeks and have been using it pretty much every day to get a good feel of how all the shadows perform. I’ve used every single one in the palette and I can honestly say I really like them all. They look beautiful on the eyes and last for a very reasonable time with no creasing. One thing I noticed though, is that at the beginning some of them took some time to build a desired colour intensity (mainly ‘cove’ and ‘abyss’). There is no such thing as ‘whooa, too much shadow, I need to blend blend blend the heck out of it now’. No. The shade called ‘cove’ took the longest to build a decent colour in the crease. Probably because it’s a very light matte brown. Now that I’ve already used it for a while, I feel like the shadows became easier to work with and the pigmentation is so much better, so I’m not sure if it was just the top layer that was causing it. It’s still quite hard to overdo with these shades though, which I personally find to be a good thing.

Tarte Rainforest of the sea eyeshadow swatches

In terms of the colour selection, there is almost everything you need to create so many looks with this palette. Except for the black, eyeliner shade. There is a crease colour, highlight brow bone shade and a bunch of soft all over the lid shades too, but there is no liner as such. To me, personally, it’s not a big deal and the darkest ‘abyss’ can be used as a soft liner if need be. If you like more intense, black liner (like I do, most of the time), then you would use a separate product for that anyway I guess. I find that these shadows give me a little bit of fall out, but not of the kind that sticks to your cheeks and is impossible to remove without smudging. Grab a small brush, two swipes and it’s all gone, so nothing to worry about here. Just make sure you powder your cheeks if you already have your face makeup done, or start with your eyes first.

Tarte eyeshadow palette limited edition rainforest of the sea

Would I recommend this palette? Yes. However, if you’re into eyeshadows that really pack a punch and give a very strong colour pay off on the eye, then I think you may be just ever so slightly underwhelmed by this one. If you don’t mind that and using shadows that are very hard to overdo but still give a beautiful, neutral effect on the eye sounds appealing to you, then this may just be something that ticks all the boxes. I personally really like it. It may sound weird, but I’m really enjoying this palette and the fact that it’s such a no brainer. Pack some on the brush, put it on the lid, repeat if you need more or leave if you want to achieve just a soft wash of colour. I really don’t mind having to add a bit more shadow if I feel like I need it, but I guess each to their own here.


Tarte Rainforest of The Sea eyeshadow palette