My bronzer addicted self could not have possibly missed the opportunity to add these beauties to my collection!!

Both bronzers are part of  the Tom Ford permanent collection, but as part of summer release, they have now been dressed in white and gold packaging as opposed to standard mahogany. They also come wrapped in white velvet pouch…

These sleek, very sophisticated yet very simple white cases won me over eventually. I much prefer them in this light, summery version. It will surely add a touch of luxury to any vanity table or makeup collection.

Tom Ford Bronzers - Close up

Both have amazingly lightweight, almost airy textures. Application is pure pleasure, no need to work hard on blending, they practically blend themselves with just a gentle brush movements. Colours are buildable, depending on desired depth.

It is safe to say that these certainly live up to the high standards and quality expected from TF brand.

They come in two shades. Terra is completely matte and lighter of the two. The shade is neutral, cooler with somewhat reddish undertones, which perfectly imitates the shade of natural sun tan when applied on the skin. I used it as contour shade using a smaller, more precise brush as well as a bronzer using a bigger bronzer brush and I loved both options. Used either way, it looks very natural, making it perfect product for shaping/sculpting as well as bronzing the face.

I feel as though this shade would be better suited for light to medium complexions. Also, if you’re combination/oily or just simply not into shimmer products, Terra is the bronzer for you.

TF Terra Bronzer Close Up

Gold Dust contains very light, subtle shimmer and gives more glowy effect to the skin, but nothing too overpowering. Shimmer it not detectable on the skin. The shade is that of a warm, golden bronze. I did not use this one for contour as I think this type of bronzer is made to bronze the skin, to give it a healthy, sun kissed look with a bit of added sheen.

This will look stunning on medium, olive, more tanned skin tones.

I am of a light to medium skin tone and have so far been enjoying Gold Dust. This one is darker, more pigmented of the two, so apply with lighter hand if you are of a paler complexion.

Gold Dust is more of a seasonal bronzer to me, and I can see myself using it plenty in summertime, switching to the likes of Terra for colder months. I am glad that I bought this one in smaller size.

TF Gold Dust Bronzer Close Up

Below are swatches of the two, first one taken in the sunlight, second one inside, in more cooler lighting. The top bronzer is Gold Dust, the bottom is Terra.

Gold Dust & Terra Bronzers - Sunlight

Terra & Gold Dust Bronzers - Inside

This leads me on to the next point. As part of summer limited edition, both colours come in two sizes. You can get them in a mini size of .31oz/ 8.7g as well as a regular size of .74oz/ 21g. The mini version is very handy for travel and slips easily into any, even space restricting, makeup bag. I did expect it to be smaller, but I must admit I was rather surprised how tiny it is compared to the large compact. You can see it on the picture. This is definitely not the value for money option, but may be one if regular size is simply too large for you to carry or store.

Tom Ford Mini Bronzer

Tom Ford Summer Limited Edition Mini

If you are considering getting one of these and are not sure of the colour, I hope this gives you some idea. Tom Ford products are of a very high quality but they also come with a high price tag. The mini version retails at RRP £48, the large case is RRP £68. I know, painful and almost feels like an investment, and it is. Investment in an extremely good quality product that will serve you well, will be a pleasure to use, not to mention look at… and will last you for a long time.

If you are still not too sure of which one to spend your money on, go to the Tom Ford counter and try them on you skin, get swatch happy. Worst case scenario, you will end up buying both……

These are available at Selfridges.