There are some items of makeup that you know you have to have in your life as soon as you see them. There is just simply no other way! Especially if it’s a limited edition and I know I will be kicking myself for not getting it afterwards and only being able to feast my eyes, and drool a bit too, over all those pretty pictures on Instagram. The truth is, if you’re normal, then you probably don’t have this problem. I’ve never claimed to be normal, so here’s my excuse…

On a more serious note, I already have the Chocolate Bar original and Semi Sweet palettes and I love them both, so getting this one was pretty much a done deal. The shades selection is very different from the other two palettes and don’t even get me started on the Oh So cute packaging and most importantly… the chocolatey scent!!!

The packaging is the same type as previous palettes, made of plastic and meant to resemble a tin of chocolates. Except this one is in a light pink colour with heart shaped shadows. I think it looks really cute and the name ‘Chocolate Bon Bon’ could not describe it any better. The closure is magnetic, there is a large mirror inside as well as selection of 16 beautiful shadows with this specific, very tempting and highly addictive chocolate scent. If you like chocolate, I dare you not to take a few deep breaths inhaling the scent before you get on with your makeup. The smell is just amazing. Add one of the Too Faced deliciously scented bronzers to the mix and you’re in a chocolate heaven!!! No one is going to blame you for taking your time.
Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon eyeshadows
If you’re new to Too Faced Chocolate Bars palettes family, all their shadows are infused with pure, antioxidant-rich cocoa powder, which is what gives them this warm and pleasant chocolatey scent. The formula of shadows in Bon Bon palette includes mixture of matte and shimmers. This is definitely a cooler toned selection of shades, compared to two previous palettes, where majority of shadows were definitely warm tones. There are few warm shadows here too, so it’s a pretty good mix.
The pigmentation of all shades is fantastic. They all swatched and applied beautifully, without any fallout. Application is very quick and easy, blending time next to none, they’re all very soft and buttery and very pleasant to work with.

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon eyeshadow palette
There is a decent amount of neutral, every day shades to make it a go-to palette, adding some pop of colour along the way. For an everyday look, I start with ‘Cashew Chew’ in the crease and then if I want to deepen the crease a little, I go over it with either ‘Almond Truffle’ or ‘Mocha’, all of which are matte shades. ‘Divinity’, also matte, is great for highlighting brow bone as well as dusting a bit of a shadow all over the lid at the start, to make sure shadows apply smoother. ‘Satin Sheets’ is a beautiful ‘all over the lid’ shadow and I’m really glad this one comes in a large pan, as I can see myself using it a lot.

Too Faced Bon Bon

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon eyeshadow palette swatches

I used ‘Earl Grey’ and ‘Black Currant’ to emphasize lower lash line and they both looks very pretty. One shade I haven’t quite used yet, is ‘Totally Fetch’, but I already own bright pops of colour like this one and what I usually like to do is to layer it on top of a darker shade, say, ‘Dark Truffle’ or ‘Black Currant’ which softens the brightness a bit, but still adds colour to the look. I find it the most wearable way of using brighter shades, even for an everyday makeup, it looks very pretty.

I am really pleased with the lasting power of pretty much all Too Faced eye shadows I own, and this palette is definitely no exception. Granted, I don’t seem to have too greasy eye lids these days, but some shadows can settle in the crease a bit, while these last on me all day and look almost perfect many hours later. I’d say majority of my eye shadow palettes are warm toned as these are ones I naturally gravitate towards, so the Bon Bon palette is a rather refreshing addition to my collection.

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon eyeshadows

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon eyeshadow palette swatches

Some say this palette is even better than the other two Chocolate Bars and I’m inclined to agree, only I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what it is that makes it better. It feels like the formulation of shadows could have changed a bit and I have a feeling they are even more ‘creamy’ and ‘buttery’. Whatever it is, this palette is definitely worth recommending for its quality and longevity, beautiful selection of colours, very cute packaging and for goodness sakes …. the smell of chocolate!!! All this definitely provides for a very pleasant experience.

Available at Debenhams at £39