So, Urban Decay did it again, they released yet another neutral eyeshadow palette that made faithful fans jump with joy (I still am as I type this) and look in anticipation for its release.

As a proud owner and frequent user of Naked original and Naked 3, I knew that if the quality of this one is just as good, then I’m in for a real treat. Needless to say, Urban Decay did not disappoint.


Urban Decay Smoky palette eyeshadows

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and could not be made more perfect for a palette called Smoky. It’s various shades of grey (may even be 50 if you can find that many) and it looks like a cloud of smoke went through it. Beautiful effect. Similarly to Naked 2 and 3, this one closes shut, it’s not just magnetic like Naked 1, which I know a lot of people don’t like in the original Naked. Just like all other palettes, it has a large mirror and dual ended brush, that is actually pretty good and definitely usable. It also comes with a look book that tells you step by step how to create four of the smoky, sultry looks, but of course, the possibilities are endless.

Urban Decay Smoky palette review

There is 12 shadows ranging between matte, satin and subtle sparkle. None of the shades repeat through previous palettes, so you won’t end up with duplicates if you happen to own all three and also want to get the Smoky. This one is definitely unique in terms of colours. There is 9 new shades and 3 that are exclusive to this palette. I know how sometimes you may not be able to decide between Naked 1 or 2, as they are quite similar, but this is a completely different, unique set of shades, and, oh my, aren’t they just stunning!!!

Urban Decay Smoky shadows


I must admit, I am not exactly a smoky eye wearer. On a daily basis I much prefer, in fact most of the time I have to, wear makeup that is not too dark or screams ‘hey, I’m going out right after work and I’m wearing a badass smoky eye’. Although there is a lot more dark shades across the palette than you find on previous Nakeds, I find there is also enough light shades to make it perfect for both everyday makeup and sexy evening smoky. That’s what ultimately made me get this palette. It is still very versatile and I have already used it a lot although I’ve only had it for about 2 weeks.  Even slightly darker shades like Armor or Slanted can be used all over the lid very lightly for a day makeup with a bit of eyeliner, mascara and a nude lip. Perfect and so chic. If you want to achieve slightly softer look with darker shade, use a brush similar to Mac 217, which is more fluffy and won’t pack a punch, but will leave just the right amount of colour and make it more wearable. Or you could use the fluffy side of the brush provided in the palette, and then use the other, shorter side to pack some darker shade in the outside corner for some definition, if you feel like you want to make it darker and more smoky. For softer, daily look, I will be using High or Dirtysweet or Radar all over the lid and then one of darker shades in the outside corner very lightly.

Urban Decay Smoky eyeshadow palette swatches


Urban Decay Smoky shadow swatches


The quality of shades is just as you can expect from Urban Decay, this palette does not disappoint. All shades are very easy to apply and blend, and just as other palettes, these also last on my eyes all day long with minimal creasing (I have hooded eyes, so most shadows crease on me slightly). For the reference, I use Mac Prolongwear Concealer as an eyeshadow base and also slightly powder my eyelids with any translucent or other light powder or eyeshadow, to prevent creasing. I will use ‘Combust’ or ‘Thirteen’ for that, which are both matte.

Some shadows do create a slight fall out, but nothing too crazy and all it takes is a gentle swipe under the eye with a fluffy brush and it’s all gone, so no big deal. You could always start with your eyes and then do the rest of the face after, which is what I often do when I work with darker shades. After all, I only want my eyelid to be smoky, not the under eye or my cheek.

UD naked smoky 8


Urban Decay Smoky eyeshadows swatches

I am very happy with this palette and already loving it so I feel like it was a very good purchase. If you are Urban Decay fan and already own previous palettes, then you will definitely like this one. It’s a lovely piece to add to any makeup collection. If you are new to Urban Decay and really like the look of it, go for it, you will not be disappointed.

The palette retails at RRP £38 and is available at Urban Decay, Selfridges, Sephora and more.